Monday 25 April 2016

Draft Talk

I haven't posted since the Browns traded their #2 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft to the Eagles.

I'm thrilled with the trade. The Browns have a lot of holes to fill, and the extra picks will definitely help there, and I was worried that they might draft whichever QB was left out of Goff or Wentz with the #2 just because it was expected that they should do so. I would like them to build and stabilize the team this year, and then if RGIII doesn't work out, to draft a QB with their first pick next year. I just think that bringing in a rookie QB after losing two starting members of your O-Line, and with all the doubts with their receiving corps and their running game, that it wouldn't really allow them to learn the game and develop while constantly being hit, hurried and scrambling. I think waiting a year for a QB might be better.

As for the #8 pick, I would still consider offers for it, but wouldn't trade it just for the sake of trading it. There will still be a very good player available at #8, and I think that I would only trade it if I were blown away with the offer. In a way it would be fun to get another first for next year, and have three to play with, assuming of course that the new front office can hit on their first round picks.

With cards from my collection, let's look back to the four recent NFL Drafts where the Browns have had two first round picks. (You would think that this would be more fun!)

2007 - GM: Phil Savage

Pick #3 - Joe Thomas
2007 SP Authentic - Gold #276
In 9 years in the league, Joe Thomas has been named to the Pro Bowl each year, and has been named a First-Team All-Pro 6 times. No complaints about this pick. He is still with the team, although there are a lot of mutterings that analytics say to trade him. I want to see him stay in Cleveland for his career, but do think that if he decides that he wants to move on that the Browns should grant his wish. I hope he stays for his career and goes into the Hall of Fame having only played for one team.

Pick #22 - Brady Quinn
2007 Leaf Certified Materials - Souvenir Stamps Autographs Pro Team Logos #14
I liked Brady Quinn, and in his three years with the Browns, he started 12 games, winning 3 of them.

He was the 2nd QB drafted of 11 that year, behind JaMarcus Russell (1), and ahead of Kevin Kolb (36), John Beck (40), Drew Stanton (43), Trent Edwards (92), Isaiah Stanback (103), Jeff Rowe (151), Troy Smith (174), Jordan Palmer (205), and Tyler Thigpen (217).

At the time, and also being a Notre Dame fan, I was excited about trading up to get him, and am not going to criticize the Browns for getting a player I wanted. It is too bad things didn't work out.

More positively, Brady Quinn and his wife, former USA Olympic gymnast Alicia Sacramone, are expecting their first child in August. Best wishes to them!

2012 - GM: Tom Heckert

I actually missed watching the first round of this draft as I was working that night, and had friends sending me e-mails as picks were being made.

Pick #3 - Trent Richardson
2012 Panini Absolute #235
Ever the optimist, I was thrilled when the Browns traded up to get Trent Richardson. He had a strong rookie season, rushing for 950 yards and 11 TDs while playing most of the season with two broken ribs.

Surprisingly at the time, Richardson was traded by the front office team of Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi after the second game of the 2013 season to the Colts for a 1st round pick in 2014. His play since the trade has made the trade look good for the Browns.

Trent Richardson recently signed with the Baltimore Ravens. As much as I still like Richardson, I can't wish any success on the Ravens.

 Pick #22 - Brandon Weeden
2012 Topps Valor - Legionary Autographs Discipline #LA-BW
This second Browns pick in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft came from the Falcons in the 2011 trade that sent them the pick where they drafted Julio Jones.

Weeden was the 4th QB drafted out of 11 that year, behind Andrew Luck (1), Robert Griffin III (2), Ryan Tannehill (8), and ahead of Brock Osweiler (57), Russell Wilson (75), Nick Foles (88), Kirk Cousins (102), Ryan Lindley (185), B.J. Coleman (243) and Chandler Harnish (253).

Honestly, when they drafted him, I really didn't know too much about him other than that he would be a 29 year old rookie, which I didn't think much of.

He started 20 games in his two years with the Browns, winning 5, before his career took him to Dallas and Houston. He re-signed with the Texans earlier this spring.

2014 - GM: Ray Farmer

Pick #8 - Justin Gilbert
2014 Panini Rookies & Stars - Draft Class #8
I was really happy with this pick, but a little confused as to why the Browns traded up one spot to Minnesota to get him. No matter, I figured drafting the first CB in the draft would be worth it, one whose name I saw ranked high on a lot of mock drafts. I thought he would be perfect to play opposite Joe Haden.

I'm really hoping the new Browns coaching staff can get something out of Justin Gilbert. This will be a make or break season for him.

Pick #22 - Johnny Manziel
2014 Panini Limited - Rookie Threads Autographs #3
Watching the 2014 Draft was fun, especially to see where Manziel wound up. After the Browns didn't pick him at 8, the next pick that everyone I was watching with was looking forward to was the Cowboys at 16, with one of the guys in the room being a big Cowboys fan. He was thrilled when the Cowboys took Zack Martin.

All of a sudden, it was announced that the Browns had traded up from #26 (the pick received for Trent Richardson) to #22. I started to get a bad feeling, and it was confirmed when they announced the pick of Manziel. I had really wanted either Teddy Bridgewater or Derek Carr, and actually would not have been upset had the Browns taken Bridgewater with their #8 pick. I mean, I had read how Joe Banner and the Browns had commissioned a study on the QBs eligible for the draft, and that it had said to take Bridgewater. I trusted a study that I knew nothing about, and frankly didn't want a Johnny Football circus to surround the team. I knew he had a lot of potential, but just hoped that he would concentrate on football enough to realize it.

Well, once the pick was announced, I really hoped that he would become a star QB. I didn't want to have the pick wasted. He always sounded so good, saying all the right things. Too bad his actions didn't back up his talk.

The news is reporting that he will be indicted in Dallas tomorrow. Good luck, Johnny. Please, turn your life around.

2015 - GM: Ray Farmer

Pick #12 - Danny Shelton
2015 Topps High Tek - Grass Autographs #60
Danny Shelton had his moments last year. He may not have had the season that many were hoping for from a first round pick, but I don't think that he really looked out of place either.

I think that he can have a solid role in the future with the Browns.

Pick #19 - Cameron Erving
2015 Upper Deck Inscriptions - Gold #CE
When Cameron Erving was drafted, most people thought he would be a great insurance policy at C if Alex Mack were to opt out at the end of last season, and that in the meantime he would be a great back-up at any position on the O-Line over the course of last season.

Sadly, he didn't look that good while filling in last year, but we'll see how he does this year after having added some strength, and only having to worry about playing one position.

I can't wait to see what Thursday will bring. Officially, the Browns do not have two first round picks this year, but with New England having lost their pick, and the Browns having the first pick of the second round, it is about as close as you can get to it. Should be fun!


  1. Great trade for the Browns. Hope this trade helps turn the franchise around.

  2. I think Weeden is going to have a breakout at some point; thought it was going to be Dallas to be honest.

  3. It was a great trade for the Browns. Maybe you can find a good quarterback in the later rounds too.....