Monday 11 April 2016

COMC purchase

I had an interesting experience with COMC after asking for some purchases to be mailed to me a while back. I eagerly opened a bubble-wrap envelope that arrived at my home only to sit there with a surprised look on my face. Staring out at me in a team bag was a Jack Eichel card, and I didn't order any hockey cards.

Without opening the team bag, I looked at the paper invoice with the order - it was all hockey cards, including a McDavid UD rookie, and should have been sent to a collector in Alberta. I'm sure he had the same look on his face when he saw all my Cleveland Browns cards. I never did open his team bag to look at his cards, and the McDavid was not on the top or bottom so I didn't see it. I wonder if he looked through my cards?

I contacted COMC, and they said that they had heard from the other collector and they asked us both to return the cards to them, and they would then send us the correct packages.

Both of us did, and everything worked out in the end. And I'm really happy about it because I really would have been heartbroken to lose this card:
1950 Bowman #6 Lou Groza RC

As you can see, it has some water stains (and was identified as having such), but the picture on the front is nice and clear. I'm really not worried about the water stains, especially since they lowered the price that I bought the card to just under $15. A steal in my eyes.

I had purchased this well before the Jim Brown, but it arrived after I got back from Arizona so I am thrilled to add this card to my Otto Graham and Jim Brown rookie cards.

Other purchases included this assortment of Hall of Famers.

The 1986 McDonald's All-Star Ozzie Newsome allowed me to continue to whittle away at all those cards that I need to complete my team set.

The 7-11 disc is the West version - I had already owned the East disc.

And I believe that the Hall of Fame reprints of Jim Brown and Len Ford completed the Browns that I needed from those years.

Until I got back into collecting, and started researching the Browns cards that were out there, I wasn't even aware of the Sample cards that preceded the 1989 Pro Set cards. It is pretty close to what they came out with as their actual set.

As well, until recently, I would have sworn that I had all of the 1992 Browns cards from the Pro Line set. Then I saw the Bengals card of Brian Brennan, and realized that it was actually a Browns card. I mean, look at that clothing!

I recently acquired the base card, but needed the autograph. A simple enough thing to find on COMC. I guess he isn't as popular a name for a lot of collectors out there.

A small order, but I thought that I just couldn't wait any longer to have that Groza in hand. As it turned out, I did, but not long, and it was just as sweet to finally get it.


  1. That Bowman Lou Groza is really great. It's nice too, that even though there is some wear to the card, the colors are still very vibrant. Also, I don't recall ever hearing of Brian Brennan before, but I sure like his signature.

    1. You're right about the signature. It is nice to have a nice readable one. He was a solid receiver for the Browns for eight seasons. A small receiver with great hands.

  2. Glad COMC straightened out things for you. I'm sure that was a sinking feeling not to get your cards.

    1. The only one that I would have been really upset with would have been the Groza. I don't think it could have been replaced at the price I got it at. The other cards, though nice, would have been replaceable. But, yes, I'm glad that things worked out well.