Saturday 19 September 2015

Long-time want and 2015 Donruss football blaster

I'm very happy to add the following card to my collection. I've wanted it since the set came out in 1991.
1991 Action Packed Rookie Update 24-Kt. Gold #2G Eric Turner


Eric Turner, the number two pick in the 1991 NFL Draft, was one of my favorite players. I wish that back then I could have had a football package to watch all of his games. I really didn't get to see Eric play as much as I would have liked. Sadly, he passed away of intestinal cancer in May 2000 at the age of 31.
I was very happy to find this card on e-bay a little while ago, and thrilled to pick it up when I drove to my post office box this morning.
When I crossed into the US to go to my post office box, I also stopped at the Wal-Mart and picked up a blaster of 2015 Donruss football. Local Wal-Marts in Ottawa do not carry NFL cards.
Anyway, let's look at the seven packs as they are opened...
Pack one:
First, the colors. Then I look at them, and see that the borders are the team colors. Okay, this is interesting, let's see how it goes. I like the photos, and the name and team plates look okay. Good to see D'Qwell, an old favorite when he was with the Browns. And one of my Raider friends will enjoy the Murray. I see the Elite brand again. Not a bad first pack.
Pack two:

Hey, my first Brown! Good to see! Nice Dex photo. Good to see Urlacher in the set. Oh, I like the passing the torch card, but we need to see the back of it. The Rated Rookie Lockett is nicer than my scanner makes it. I have to avoid that part of the scanner that puts the faded lines through his name.
Okay, we see who White is passing the torch to now. I hope that Gregory does well. It would be a nice bonus for the Cowboys after he slipped in the draft.

Now let's look at a base card back:

(Of course I'm picking the Brown!) Okay I like the team color back. I would prefer more years of stats and more personal information (college, how they are acquired, etc.), but the information that it does have is very clear and presented well. The logo (helmet) looks good in the middle of the card.
Pack three:

I like the red, white and blue on the Bills cards. I like the photos for Johnson and Floyd. Johnson's is just different than I usually see, and it is fun to see that little hold, and the jersey tug, against him.
Oh, and here comes the blaster's "One Exclusive Rookie Threads" card:

Not bad, but I wish it was one of the Browns rookies...oh, wait, the last card in the pack:

Best wishes, Duke! I want to see a long, successful career.
Two Browns in three packs. A lot of people might not like it, but I sure do!
On to pack four:

Quarterback heavy first half of the pack. I don't really like those Packer uniforms. I don't know which old uniforms are worse, those or the Steelers. Kaepernick looked good last weekend. You can really see the time he spent with Kurt Warner has helped. Hmm, I don't know what I think about these Gridiron Kings. I think I would have preferred just the close-up profile picture instead of having two pictures.
Pack five:

I really like the Deion card. LT, nice. Kuechly, too bad he's going to miss the first game of his career this weekend due to a concussion, he's a great player. JPP...what can you say? How can you derail your career like that. The Antonio Brown insert is familiar, but I'll have to go back and look through my collection to find where it is from.
Pack six:

The Gridiron King Wright has the Career Stat Line and is #/215
I expanded the last photo so that you could see the stat line. It is in a green foil that doesn't show up well on the scan. Nice, but again I think I would prefer just one photo on the card.
Last pack: (Need more Browns!)

No Browns, and the hated Elway. Oh, but what's this? A Press Proof numbered 1/10 Colts Andre Johnson. Very nice, and unexpected.
All in all, I like the look of the cards, and really like the retired players (no retired Browns though). I don't think that I'll try to complete the set, but I'll probably pick up another blaster at some point.
It is nice to see the Donruss name on football cards again. Thanks for bringing it back Panini.


  1. If you don't like that blue/yellow jersey thing for Green Bay, be glad they don't wear these gold-sleeved and green chest-and-back abominations.

    1. Yeah, those were pretty bad, but at least they were in the team colors.