Monday 12 September 2016

Quarterbacks since 1999

Last fall, before Austin Davis' first start for the Browns, I made a post (that I somehow accidentally re-posted changing it to today's date) listing all the Browns quarterbacks that preceded him since 1999. And although I planned on talking about yesterday's game and showing a couple of RGIII cards that I had purchased, this post was more going to be about two card shows - a local one that I bought a couple of small things at, and one in Syracuse on Saturday where I met up with one of everyone favorite bloggers, Night Owl. But things change, and I'll talk about that next post.

Yesterday, Robert Griffin III became Browns starting quarterback number twenty-five since 1999. The game didn't go well, and RGIII was rocked with a hit late in the fourth quarter after not making it out of bounds while running the ball - one of his listed failings from his stint in Washington, and a reason that he was considered to be an injury risk.

Articles that I read online after the game suspected that Griffin had suffered a shoulder sprain in his non-throwing shoulder, and that he thought he would be ready to play Baltimore next week.


Breaking news on says that the Browns have just placed RGIII on injured reserve, which he must stay on for at least eight weeks if the Browns choose to use their "Designated to Return" IR spot on him. If not, his season ends with one start, and since the Browns are likely to draft one of the top QBs next year, it could end his Browns career. If it does, RGIII will be the 5th of the 25 QBs since 1999 to only have one start. (Austin Davis, from the other post wound up with two, and signed with the Broncos on September 3, 2016 after being let go by the Browns so he won't be available to bring back.)

Anyway, at the Syracuse show I did buy two RGIII Browns cards.
(L-R): 2016 Panini Certified # ; 2016 Panini Certified - Mirror Green #
And as for that Mirror Green parallel.

I'm still happy to have added a #/5 to my collection, but I wonder if it might have been a couple of dollars cheaper if the card show was a week later. At least I think that I was given a fair deal on the card and don't regret adding it to my collection even if Griffin doesn't come back to play another game.

In the meantime, at least the Browns kept Josh McCown, and I look forward to seeing him play next week.

I also picked up these cards from three other QBs of the 25.
(L-R): 2000 Bowman's Best #143, (#/1499); 2000 Bowman Chrome - Refractors #229
Spergon Wynn was number 4 of the 25, and the first to only have one start. I found these two cards at the Ottawa show at a new dealer there. I'm sure he was shocked to have someone want these cards.

Top (l-r): 2014 Panini Black Friday #20; 2015 Donruss - Throwback Rookies 1986 #23
Bottom (l-r): 2015 Panini Certified - Skills #SK19; 2015 Panini Prizm - Prizm #83
I don't think that I need to say too much about Johnny Manziel. He was number 21 of the 25. There are still so many of his cards out there that I need for my collection and the prices have come down significantly. These were all found pretty cheap at the Syracuse show.

Top: 2014 Panini Prizm - Pink #230
Bottom: 2014 Panini Certified - Red #213 (#/249)
Connor Shaw was number 22 of the 25, just after Johnny Manziel and preceding Josh McCown. He was the last to only make one start for the Browns. I have a few other of his autographed cards, and think that he has a great signature. Both of these cards were found at the Syracuse show.

I thought Josh McCown played well last year, and deserved a chance to remain the starter, but he is just a bridge to the future. Cody Kessler will become the backup, and I guess it looks like a good thing that the Browns signed Kevin Hogan to their practice squad, but they are both rookies with no experience. I really don't know who else is out there that would be a good pickup. I hope Josh McCown stays healthy.


  1. McCown is something of a folk-hero in Chicago; I guarantee you there is a strong portion of the Bears fan base that still swears up and down that McCown is an all-around better QB than Cutler. Here's hoping he continues to do what he's done best - step in when the #1 gets hurt.

  2. I thought of you when I heard the RGIII news. I think you should hope that either Kessler or Hogan gets to play this year and shows they can be the guy.