Monday 12 September 2016


(Okay, sorry about this - it is an old post that when I went to look at it turned into a draft that I had to hit publish to put back on my blog. I was looking at it to update for RGIII becoming 25. Nothing new other than that but it is now out of order in my blog.)

With a broken collarbone sidelining Josh McCown for the rest of the season, I was curious to see who would be named the starter for this week's game.

As it turns out it isn't going to be Johnny Manziel, so we'll now see Browns Starting QB #24 since 1999:
2012 Bowman #186

Austin Davis looked good as an injury replacement on Monday night, but did make a few mistakes. I assume he'll be better after getting a week of first team reps at practice.

For fun, and an excuse to show a few more cards in this post, here is the list:

1. Ty Detmer (0-2) - first Browns start Sept. 12, 1999
2. Tim Couch (22-37) - Sept. 26, 1999
3. Doug Pederson (1-7) - Oct. 22, 2000
4. Spergon Wynn (0-1) - Dec. 3, 2000
5. Kelly Holcomb (4-8) - Sept. 8, 2002
6. Jeff Garcia (3-7) -
7. Luke McCown (0-4)
8. Trent Dilfer (4-7)
9. Charlie Frye (6-13)
10. Derek Anderson (16-18)
11. Brady Quinn (3-9)
12. Ken Dorsey (0-3)
13. Bruce Gradkowski (0-1)
14. Jake Delhomme (2-2)
15. Colt McCoy (6-15)
16. Seneca Wallace (1-6)
17. Brandon Weeden (5-15)
18. Thad Lewis (0-1)
19. Jason Campbell (1-7)
20. Brian Hoyer (10-6)
21. Johnny Manziel (1-4)
22. Connor Shaw (0-1)
23. Josh McCown (1-7)

Austin Davis, welcome to the list, and good luck!

The funny thing with all the QB drama on the team this year, is that the QB really hasn't been the problem. As much as I don't believe that the league's QB Rating statistic is a great measure of a QB, it can still provide a good overall idea of how things are going. Combined, the Browns QBs this year have a rating of 92.6, which is 11th in the league. That's pretty good. The average team has a rating of 88.4.

I read this week that the Browns Defense is the highest paid defense in the league. Sigh.

And what a way to lose that game last Monday night! Just when I think I've seen it all. I mean, I knew that a returned blocked field goal was a possibility, but I really didn't see it coming. I figured if the field goal was missed, that the game was going to overtime. I sat there stunned, staring at the tv, before quickly reading texts and emails that friends sent me about the ending before going to bed.

That is one thing about the NFL and their schedule. When one of my teams in another sport loses, especially in an ugly way, there is usually another game in a few days to take my mind off of it. With the NFL it sits with me for a few days before I can even think about the next game, and then that next game seems so far away. Not healthy.

I don't think that I've shared this video here, but it was made by a Browns fan, Mike Polk Jr., four years ago and it is still rings true today:

Factory of Sadness indeed.

Even one of Canada's sports networks, TSN, got into the game on Tuesday with its Top Ten Cleveland Brown Fails. I needed to see or be reminded of those like I needed a poke (or flag) in the eye.

Thanks TSN!

I am very pleased with the response I have received so far with my Christmas card giveaway from my last post. I have packed up a bunch of envelopes so far and should be mailing them on Saturday. I'm sure that when people see results of the giveaway I may start getting more requests. Thanks to everyone who has replied so far!

Sorry, didn't really touch on cards today, but after I get to my PO Box this weekend, I should have plenty to show and discuss next week.

And to the Browns, like the video says, "I'll see you Sunday."


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