Friday 2 September 2016

Finishing a vintage team set and other purchases

Who would have thought that the Jim Brown rookie wouldn't be the last Browns card that I needed to complete the 1958 Topps set?

Instead it was the fourth card of another Hall of Famer.
1958 Topps #59
This set me back a whole $1.75 on Sportlots, of which $1.50 was the shipping fee. Well worth it to finish off the 1958 Topps Browns cards that I needed.

The next cards came from one seller on eBay, all from Buy It Now auctions. I had bought a couple of nice lots from this seller before so was curious to see what else he had.

Top (l-r): 2012 Score - Gold Zone #53 and #282
Bottom (l-r): 2012 Score - Gold Zone #283 and #286

Top (l-r): 2012 Score - Gold Zone #287 and #288
Bottom: 2012 Score - Gold Zone #289
Not owning any of the 2012 Score Gold Zone parallels, I jumped at an auction that had seven of them.

Looking through the other items that he was selling, I couldn't pass up this card.

2010 Panini Prestige - Xtra Points Black #114
Disregard the Patriots uniform, it's a Browns card. But why did I jump at it?

# 9/10
It isn't often that I can get a serial numbered card out of ten for under $5.00.

Although I was disappointed to see Ben Watson sign with the Ravens for the season, I was very sad to see him suffer a season-ending Achilles injury last weekend. I hope that he comes back from the injury strong next year.

Finally, I also bought a random lot from the seller that was advertised as 35 different Browns insert cards from 1999-2001 for $11.90. The auction pictured six cards, and I needed three of them. I figured that if I could get near that ratio then it would be worth it to me. As it turned out I needed 18 of them, which was as close to that ratio as I could get. Here are most of them:

Top (l-r): 1999 Ultra - Gold Medallion #24G and #49G
Bottom (l-r): 1999 Ultra - Gold Medallion #133G and #154G
It seems that I can always find parallels that I need. These, of course, are from the 1999 expansion year that is filled with cards from the players' previous teams.

1999 Bowman - Interstate #13
Interesting way to do the Interstate by putting the license plate on the back. The backgrounds of the front are foil but otherwise the front is the same as the base card. Of course it doesn't show up as nice so I thought I would just show this back. If you don't have the base card, you're going to miss a lot of the information that the back is telling you.

Top (l-r): 2000 Finest - Out of the Blue #B7; 2000 Score - Complete Players #CP 38
Bottom (l-r): 2000 Playoff Contenders - Touchdown Tandems #RD21; 2001 Fleer Premium - Solid Performers #18
The Out of the Blue card is really sharp and although I like the scan, I think it is better in real life.

The Playoff Contenders card is actually showing the back. The front pictures Michael Westbrook, with an inset of Kevin Johnson in the bottom left corner. You can see Westbrook in the inset on the back. Interesting card.

There was also a Travis Prentice Solid Performers card from the same subset in the package, but you get the idea of the card from the Johnson shown above.
L-R: 1999 Score - Showcase #48 (#/1989); 1999 Playoff Prestige EXP - Reflections Gold #EX173
Here are a couple of Leslie Shepherd cards that were included. Shepherd started 8 games for the Browns in 1999 and had 23 receptions for 274 yards. He then moved on to Miami for the 2000 season, which was his last in the NFL.

L-R: 2001 Pacific Invincible #55 (#/1000); 2001 Pacific Invincible - Red #143 (#/750)
As it turned out this Couch card is a base card from the Pacific Invincible set, but I don't mind because I needed it.

The back of the Patten card lists him with the Patriots after playing with the Browns in 2000, but with him being in a Browns uniform it is still a Browns card.

All in all I was pretty happy with the shipment, but I am really falling behind in sorting my collection. Maybe during this long weekend.

And in an update for my last post, the store that I went to didn't have any other Blue Jays jerseys to try and trade down the sizes, and the jersey was too big for my friend, but she was more than happy to receive it and says she'll wear it despite it being big. Of course, I thought she still looked great in it - nothing wrong with a woman in a too-big jersey.

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  1. Always nice to complete a vintage team set! The 1958 design is a pretty unique one too. Nice score on the black parallel, too. Under $5 for a SN10 is always a major score!