Tuesday 16 August 2016

Nice bounce back lot

So, last post I talked about a failed bulk purchase of Browns cards, but sometimes I really can't resist. I saw an eBay auction for 100 Browns cards for $8.99 and free shipping, and there was a picture of 18 cards that were included. I knew that I needed 5 of the 18 shown so figured that it would be a good bet and jumped at it. I just picked it up and ended up needing 13, umm, well, 14 cards out of it. (The 14th card was one that I would have had no clue that I needed without it being sent and me checking out the player on Google. Even then, it is a bit of a stretch, but I'll explain that later.)

Let's take a look at what I needed!

2009 Donruss Certified #31 and #32
I was surprised that I needed these, but there are just so many sets out there and cards like this will always surprise me.

L: 2013 Bowman - Black #92; R: 2013 Panini Certified - Platinum Red #13
Might as well scan these two cards together as the two players will always be linked as the two Cleveland Browns 2012 first round picks.

It is never a surprise to find parallels that I need.

Top (L-R): 2014 Panini National Treasures - Century Numbers #126 (#/42) and #181 (#/21)
Bottom: 2014 Panini National Treasures - Materials #M-JM (#/99)

These were three of the cards in the auction photo. I knew I needed them, and am always happy to add serial numbered cards below 25. And it is always nice to add a new Paul Warfield card to my collection. Count me as someone that likes seeing retired players, whether in the Hall of Fame or not, included in modern sets.

Top (L-R): 2014 Leaf Draft #70; 2014 Topps - 1963 Mini #337
Bottom (L-R): 2014 Panini Crown Royale #43; 2014 Topps - Wal-Mart #30

I was surprised that I needed the Leaf Draft Crowell card. I think I may have it from before the 2014 Draft, but it is probably put away somewhere as opposed to in my collection. In any case, this card was also in the photo but I didn't know that I needed it.

I was sure that I had the mini Terrance West card, and am glad that it was in the box so that I actually looked to see if I needed it or not.

The Wal-Mart parallel of Connor Shaw is the first Wal-Mart parallel that I have. I don't think I have any of the Target (red) parallels either. So many parallels...

L-R: 2015 Upper Deck Inscriptions #VM; 2015 Bowman - Rookies Orange Paper #82 (#/299)

What sort of lot that contained 2015 cards could I pick up that didn't include Vince Mayle?

Both of these cards were also in the photo so I knew they would be arriving. I like the "Go Cougs" inscription on the UD card.

Now, on to that 14th card...

I'm sure that most of you team collectors, with the college cards out there, sometimes are given college cards that the seller has accidentally associated with your team. That is what I thought this next card was. I had never heard of the player. However, after a Google search, I discovered that Calvin Barnett had signed with the Browns as an undrafted free agent after the 2014 Draft.

2014 Upper Deck #101
Now, just signing as an undrafted free agent with the Browns doesn't necessarily mean that I'll add your cards to my collection, but I actually saw that he played in the preseason games, and recorded some tackles and assists. Combine that with the fact that I like the Big Stick in the card, and I figure, you know what? Good enough!

And, for that preseason, and the cool card, I decided to show both sides of his card. Here's to you, Calvin Barnett!

Oh, and as for those included cards that don't fit the team? I got a couple in this lot too.

Top: 2015 Bowman - Relics #BR-RG
Bottom: 2012 SPx #32

I appreciate that the seller wanted to include RGIII as a Brown, but this isn't a Browns card, and will never be part of my collection.

And I understand the confusion with Kellen Winslow, but this is the father not the son who played for Miami and was drafted by the Browns.

Even though it was really only a semi-blind lot and I knew it was worth picking up to grab the serial numbered Museum Collection cards, I really enjoyed this lot, and I'm sure it will keep me buying more of them on eBay.