Thursday 18 August 2016

National Baseball Card Day

After being called by one local card store the other day, I decided to poke my head into a different local card store to see what is new. I ended up picking up a box of this year's Panini football stickers, and will review those in a later post.

However, while looking at other product and talking with the owner about his hockey dominated store, I mentioned that I mainly collect football cards and am generally more interested in baseball than hockey. That makes me an oddball in Canada but when I said that he said that he had something for me, and then handed me a pack of this year's National Baseball Card Day cards.

I told him that I didn't realize that any Canadian stores were actually part of the promotion to which he told me they had it listed on their website. Who knew to look there?

In any case, here is what I found in my pack:

Cards #34 and 40
Cards #43 and 31
Cards #26 and 10
I'm sure most people in Canada would be pleased pulling both Blue Jays from the 50 card checklist in one pack.

I'm not planning on keeping any of these, and since they sometimes comment on my posts, I'll assume that the Not Another Baseball Card Blog would probably want the Jays, and that The Chronicles of Fuji would probably want the Ichiro and Gray cards. Is anyone looking for the Mauer and Abreu cards?


  1. You're right.. I would like the Jays lol

    Yeah I'm almost 100% positive they did nothing here.. New Ownership in the store here and moving more to the CCGs.

    I'm an oddity as well, considering I don't collect hockey aside from two players

  2. I like the look of this set. It's nice that Topps came up with a special design and didn't just rehash a recent base set. I was in the mountains last Saturday, so I had to miss out on the local card shop experience. Instead I went the boring route and ordered a set from eBay.