Saturday 3 June 2023

Catching up with my collection - 2

I'm going to continue with cards that I picked up last year that I had put aside and hadn't added to my collection yet.

I was happy to see Jeff Garcia's success in San Francisco, after his play in the CFL. I thought it was a good signing when he joined the Browns, and I looked forward to his stint with the team. Sadly, things didn't work out, and he only played the one season with the team. Jeff Garcia started 10 games for the Browns in the 2004 season.

The card on the left is a Clearly Authentics Patch/Jersey Pewter insert numbered out of 44 from the 2004 Fller E-X set.

The card on the right is a Jersey Silver insert numbered out of 250 from the 2004 Skybox LE set. The jersey swatch is from a San Francisco jersey.

Luke McCown started four games of the 2004 season for the Browns. These two cards are both base cards of his from their respective sets. I really don't like the idea when what should be regular base cards for players are either memorabilia or autograph cards.

The top card is from the Leaf Rookies & Stars set, while the bottom card is from the 2004 Playoff Honors set. Both cards are numbered out of 750.

Moving on to a couple of Braylon Edwards cards from his rookie season.

The top card is a shared memorabilia card from the base 2005 Leaf Rookies & Stars set with Troy Williamson of the Vikings. It is numbered out of 500.

The bottom card is from the Future Fabrics insert set in the 2005 Upper Deck Reflections set. (The shadowing in the bottom left of the card is the phone that I was holding up to take the picture. I didn't notice it after taking it. Oops.)

I really like these two Charlie Frye cards.

I enjoy the 2005 Bazooka set, and although the top card looks a little busy, I like the Rookie Threads cards. Maybe it is because of the little RT spot for the swatch. I also like that it doesn't try to hide that the swatch is from the 2005 NFL Rookie Premiere.

As for the second card, well those autographed "helmet" cards are just cool. For the rookies in the 2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot set, these autographed cards were part of the checklist for the base set. This card is numbered out of 650. (The Braylon Edwards one is numbered out of 199. I still need to get one.)

Here are some more cards where I got a regular one along with a parallel, but player worn jersey cards. (I'm sure from the 2005 NFL Rookie Premiere event like the one above.)

The card in the left is from the base 2005 Bowman's Best set, numbered out of 799, while the card on the right is from the green parallel, and numbered out of 599.

I find it funny that Upper Deck must have had a partnership of some sort to have an Upper Deck ESPN set in 2005. I think it was the only year they made an ESPN set.

This Lee Suggs Sports Center Swatch card is the only Browns card in the 42 card insert set. I'm assuming that there is a little damage in the lower part of the swatch and that the cardboard piece making the E should have been straight, but pictures I've seen of other cards in the set make it seem like it is a common problem.

The 2006 cards start with running back Reuben Droughns.

The top card is a Performers Jerseys Jumbo Swatch insert card from the 2006 Donruss Gridiron Gear set. It is numbered out of 25.

The bottom card is Fabric of the Game Football Due Cut insert card from the 2006 Leaf Certified Materials set. It is numbered out of 75.

There are regular square cut Fabric of the Game insert cards as well as team logo cut ones in the set. I'm sure that all of us collectors would be happy to meet the person who thought of how much money they could make by making all these swatch variations.

One of my college roommates is a big Washington State sports fan. He was happy that the Browns drafted Jerome Harrison.

These two cards are from the 2006 Fleer Hot Prospects set.

The card on the left is from the base set, and is numbered out of 299, while the card on the right is from the Endorsements insert set.

I like having the full college uniform with the Cougars logo on the helmet in the 2006 Press Pass - Autographs Bronze card on the left.

The card on the right is Harrison's base card from the 2006 SP Authentic set. It is numbered out of 1175.

These two card are the silver and blue autograph cards from the 2006 SAGE HIT set.

Looking at the numbers on the Trading Card Database, these six Jerome Harrison cards add to my first place ranking of those with his cards listed in their collection. I'm sitting at 91 different cards while the second place person has 62. 

The final card for this post is Travis Wilson's card from the 2006 Leaf Certified Materials base set. It is numbered out of 1400.


  1. Jeff Garcia was very likable. That didn't seem to do him much good in overcoming the Browns QB curse though.

  2. I always forget Garcia went to the Browns. He always pops up as a 49er to me