Friday 22 January 2016

Trade package received

Late in 2014, shortly after I discovered the Trading Card Database and started to submit scans to the site, I received a message from a fellow Browns collector asking if I had any extra Browns cards that I was interested in getting rid of.

When I told him that I would be happy to trade with him, he mentioned that he was on deployment and wouldn't be able to do anything right away. Then when I heard he was going to be heading home last spring for leave I decided to check his wantlist on the site send him a box of my Browns doubles that he needed to give him something to play with, told him that he could send me something later, and that even if he couldn't that I was happy knowing that they were going to a fellow Browns fan.

Shortly thereafter he sent me a nice little thank you gift and said that he would get to his Browns doubles later on. A little while ago he asked me for my address, and I gave him both my home address in Canada, and my PO Box in Ogdensburg and told him to choose whichever one he wanted to send to but warned him shipping to Canada would be quite a bit higher. He then sent me back a message with a tracking number to my home. The package arrived last night, completely changing my plans for the evening...I had new cards to play with!

Anyway, here is some of what he sent me:

For some reason this "Air Raid" Kosar poster card always seemed to evade me. So happy to have it now.

I'll never complain about getting another Steve Everitt card that I need. Being lucky enough to meet him once made me like him even more than I did while he was playing for the Browns.

The Collector's Edge Edgetech Quantum Die Cut card is pretty cool. You can't tell from the scan, but it is similar to the Sportflix cards that change the image depending on how you tilt the card.

The 1990 Topps Browns card is a variation that I needed, not having little hash-marks on the bottom blue border, underneath "Kosar Calls The Play". You can see the hash-marks under Ozzie Newsome's name on the card below.

You might wonder why I needed any 1990 Topps cards, other than the variant above? Well, when I started entering my collection into the Trading Card Database, I discovered that there were two versions of their backs. Card backs that had a "disclaimer", and backs that didn't. You can see the disclaimer on the team card back at the bottom, and will note that it is not on the Matthews back. (The Newsome also has no disclaimer.)

I have all the 1990 Topps cards, but they are mixed together between the two variations. COMC actually differentiates between the two so I know I can look for my missing cards there, but for a lot of the other sites I would just be ordering a 1990 Topps card and hoping for the best. The good thing about having another collector from the Database sending me cards is that he knows the difference and hit a few of the ones that I needed.

A couple of nice Ty Detmers from the 1999 expansion season in the top of the scan, and a couple of nice Pacific insert on the bottom.

Like a lot of the baseball bloggers, I love a lot of the old Pacific inserts. the Pacific Private Stock mini is cool, but doesn't compare to the 2000 Pacific Paramount Tim Couch End Zone Net-Fusion insert in the bottom right. Between the uprights on the card is a section of white plastic forming the net. I had never seen any of these inserts before. So awesome!

A few players from the early 2000s, including another Spergon Wynn. I love multi-player cards, especially when they are all Browns. And that is a great photo on the Earl Little card! I am a big fan of the throwback style cards that we see in Retro, Tradition and Heritage sets. It is so funny, or not really since it means I'm getting old, that we're starting to see styles from the early 90s now used in some of the current throwback sets.

I wasn't even aware that the Leaf Rookies and Stars sets had Browns photos on checklist cards in those two years of cards, so it was great to receive them. And I know that I need an enormous amount of parallels and inserts like this Ultra Gold Medallion and Topps Rookie insert.

Again, more cards that fit the themes of multi-playered, or throwback style. All great cards!

The Panini Adrenalyn XL cards he sent me are the first that I own from the 2011 set.

Just showing that sometimes easy cards are missed in my collection, I needed this nice simple base card of Joe Haden from the 2014 Score set. The funny thing about it is that even had I been going through a box of cards at a store or show I probably would have left it there thinking that I already had it. I really need to finish working on my wantlists so that I know these things.

I want to offer many thanks to SFC Temple from the Trading Card Database for the great cards that were waiting for me at home last night! It was nice getting cards without having to drive down to my PO Box in Ogdensburg.

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