Sunday 4 October 2015

Odds and ends

I went on a bit of a run buying oddballs for my Browns collection.

The weather is starting to cool off here, but I did need a Popsicle:

1976 Popsicle Cleveland Browns
And a cool glass of milk:
1986 DairyPak NFL Players Superstars Series
I am a pack rat. I save a lot of things that most people wouldn't but I don't think that I ever would have saved a player card clipped from the side of a milk container. As much as I thank people for saving the old Post Cereal cards, I'm happy they also keep things like this.

I also picked up all six Browns from 1990 Star-Cal Decals, although editing could have been better:
Can't see the bottom left that clearly, but Matthews should have two "t"s.

I don't remember Ernie at QB

I also picked up some more buybacks from this year's Topps set:

The top two are red-stamped buybacks, while the bottom three are black-stamped.

I have won and lost a couple more auctions with Browns buybacks in them and it makes me wonder, how many different Browns cards did they print? There is no way I'll ever know. I suppose I could track auctions that I lose and that would give me more of an idea of what else is out there.

And I'll finish with one more purchase that other Browns collectors should not expect to scratch off of their wantlists:

I just hope that Haden is healthy enough to play well this weekend against San Diego.
Here we go, Brownies, here we go!

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