Tuesday 9 October 2018

Traveling to a card show with Night Owl

Okay, I didn't really mean to go six months without a post. It isn't though I've retired like Matt did, although I see he posted today. I really don't have an excuse, other than apathy. I've had to cut back on spending, but have picked up cards here and there, and I owe a post to Corky and Fuji for envelopes that they have sent to me, but as seen on Night Owl's blog, I went to another card show with him and figure I should actually post about that.

Yesterday was a good day. I got to spend time at a card show with a friend, and the Browns won.

Things started with meeting up with Night Owl in Watertown and giving him some cards that I had put aside for him. It being my turn to drive to the show in Syracuse, I subjected him to my music choices as we drove both ways.

Last year, I discovered the very talented Aubrey Logan, and went and went and saw her in concert in NYC. I had myself added to her mailing list, and at the start of summer received an email that she would be appearing on an album and touring with Dave Koz. I decided to make my way to their concert in Rochester, really enjoyed it, bought the album and subjected Night Owl to it on the way down.

Sorry for the lengthy intro, the music starts at the 2:00 mark if you just want to listen to it.

We got to the show, and when he started digging through player sections of Seager, Kershaw and Piazza at one table, I moved on to the next table and found a box that had football cards in them, and a sign saying 50% off on it. The problem was, when I started looking through the cards, there were no prices on them, so I wasn't sure what the sale prices would be.

After taking out a few cards to get an idea on his pricing, only for the dealer to look at it and say, that each card might be a dollar or two, I really didn't care about the 50% sign, and dug through the box to find Browns cards.

I passed him a pile of 18 cards, and waited for a price. He said, "How about $30?"

I couldn't pull out my wallet fast enough.

Sadly, all my purchases were mixed together, but I know that these were 12 of them.

Not having had much luck with the odd pack or blaster that I've bought this year, these are the first two Baker Mayfield cards to enter my collection. I'm so happy with what I am seeing from him.

A pair of 2017 draft picks that are no longer with the Browns.

I really liked Matthew Dayes, but with Hyde, Chubb and Johnson on the team, he just couldn't crack the depth chart to remain on the roster. I was shocked to get a card numbered out of five in this deal.

This is my first Kizer autograph card. There were many others to be seen, but nothing at the prices that I wanted to pay at the show.

I found a lot of the college autograph cards at the show, but if they are Browns draft picks, I want them.

Some more college autographs.

Scooby Wright was drafted by the Browns in 2016, but didn't make the team.

Briean Boddy-Calhoun was an undrafted free agent signed by Jacksonville in 2016, and claimed by the Browns on waivers at the end of that training camp, and has played very well for the Browns since then.

You'll see quite a few Corey Coleman cards from the show. I know at least one other one also came from my first purchase, but I don't remember which. None of the Colemans that I picked up was more than $3. I guess that is the joy of collecting recent Browns players. As a collector, I'll be sad to see that change if the Browns become successful, but as a fan, I hope to see the Browns  get better and better.

The show continued, and I hit some good tables, managed to find cards that I needed out of a couple of dime boxes, and I stayed under my budget.

On the way out, the dealer that I first purchased from was still there, and I quickly went through a dollar box that I didn't get to earlier. I found ten cards, and he asked for $5. I'll have to try to remember him for next time.

Anyway, as I said, I don't really remember exactly who I bought what from, so I'll just show the cards that I bought.

In a way it was sad to say that these were the two oldest cards that I bought at the show. I guess it was just because of the boxes that I was looking through.

The James Wright card is from 2000, and is numbered out of 1000.

The 2013 D'Qwell Jackson card is numbered out of 299.

I'm pretty sure that all of these cards came from the second table that I went to. I think that the Absolute card was in a dollar box (it has Eric Ebron and Bishop Sankey on the back), while the others were in a three dollar box.

The Terrance West card is numbered out of 25. I like the Topps Valor cards.

The dealer wondered what happened to Connor Shaw, as he remembered his one start against Baltimore. Sadly, it was injuries, both with Cleveland and then Chicago. Too bad, as I liked him. Wikipedia mentions that he is now a tight ends coach at Furman University.

I'm pretty sure that the Championship Ticket parallel Josh Cooper was the most expensive card that I bought at the show, but I don't remember how much it was individually. I bought it from a dealer with some other contender cards and don't remember the price breakdown.

I'm pretty sure the Duke Johnson rookie relic was in one of the dollar boxes I was looking through.

Here are a bunch of Corey Coleman rookie year cards, all of which were three dollars or less.

First round busts - bad for the team, and my cheering for them, but good for my collecting!

A whole bunch of 2016 cards that I needed - parallels aplenty!

Some Kizer cards to start off the 2017 purchases.

I really like the Air Raid Kessler card.

To show the value of meaningless parallels, the two Press Proof cards were in a dime box.

Jim Brown for a dime. Okay.

There was a Jeff Garcia Browns card put out in 2017? I didn't know that.

I think the Corey Coleman, numbered out of 25, was two dollars, but it may have been only one. It went on to a pile with the second dealer that I spent a lot of time with. I got great cards from that dealer, but felt really bad for him when he noticed an empty spot on his table that used to hold the Cal Ripken rc, and Traded cards. Someone swiped them off his table at some point in time. I didn't see it happen and think that it was before I arrived. Sucks for him though. I hate thieves.

I didn't have a lot of 2018 cards going into the show. I added a number of them that I found for mostly a dime each. There were a few parallels that I think were a dollar each.

I pulled the base Jarvis Landry card out of a pack, but was happy to find this Blue parallel for a dime.

Now that I see them, I think the second dealer showed me the two bottom parallels after I moved on to his dime box, and asked me if I was interested in them. I believe they went on to my dollar pile.

Wow! I like how these Unparalleled cards scanned!

I was very excited to see this Dan Vitale card, and the Joel Bitonio card in the previous scan. I love getting cards of players that get so few of them.

I'm happy to add another Colt McCoy card to my collection. Good to see him still in the league with Washington.

I also grabbed two Mets cards from a dime box with the intention of using them in the 2018 starting lineup, but after looking again at some cards that Night Owl gave me, I think I'll end up using a Thor card that he gave me instead.

That concludes the cards that I bought that I needed for my collection. As per usual, I did pick up some cards that wound up being doubles, but figure that they totalled less than five dollars, and that's not too bad.

I opened with music from the ride to Syracuse, so I'll finish with music from the way back to Watertown.

I subjected Greg to the a cappella group Straight No Chaser, and present the video for their movie medley:

Thanks, Greg, for a fun day, and I hope to post a little more often.


  1. Good to see you back. Glad you had fun at the show, and though I'm a Bills fan, I'm happy to see the Browns are back, and fun to watch!

  2. Welcome back! And hopefully you'll be sticking around this time :)

  3. Lot of pretty cards there, even a few that I don't remember looking through. Those Valor cards sure are nice.

    That was easily the best day of the week (knowing the week I have ahead). We need more shows!

  4. Before reading your post... I was wondering if you'd find cards of the Cleveland Browns trifecta (1st three Browns that come to mind): Joe Thomas, Johnny Manziel, and Jim Brown. Glad to see you covered the spread.