Thursday 11 October 2018

Cards from other bloggers

I've got three bloggers to thank for sending me cards, one from early summer, one from about a month ago, and one from last weekend.

First up is the longest owed thank you, and that is to Corky at the Pack War blog.

He sent me some really cool items, and it is a shame that I've taken so long to acknowledge the cards on my blog.

Here are a couple of amazing oddballs that Corky sent. Both Otto Graham cards from the 1952 Wheaties set!

I'm always amazed to see cards cut from boxes survive this many years.

Jumping a few decades, he also sent this:

The Yellow Printing Plate for Kevin Johnson's card in the 1999 Stadium Club set.

Kevin Johnson became a wide receiver at Syracuse after losing a competition for the quarterback job to Donovan McNabb.

Corky also included a copy of the actual card to go with it, so I'll add it so that people can compare.

Thanks, Corky! These are cards that you don't get in packages very often.

The second package came from The Chronicles of Fuji.

A sticker-sealed card protector jumped out at me right away.

Sweet! A 2001 eTopps card of Quincy Morgan. I didn't own any of the eTopps cards from that year.

I will normally open graded cards, or redemption cards that come with a sticker keeping the card in its holder, but for cards like this that were actually distributed in a sealed holder, I leave them there. I know I'll get some people telling me that I should free it.

The top JuJuan Dawson card is from 2001, and it is so funny to look at the back of the card and see a photo of his jersey with the caption saying, "This is a photo of the actual jersey from which this swtch was taken." I guess the photo furthers the claim.

The bottom Luke McCown card is from 2004.

Both of these cards are from 2006.

It's funny how time passes. At various times, it seems both "not so long ago" and "a long, long time ago" that Braylon Edwards was playing for the Browns, and filming a commercial catching passes while blindfolded. It has almost been a decade. I don't know what to think.

Thanks, Fuji, for the great cards!

The most recent cards were handed to me by Night Owl when I met up with him to go to a card show last Sunday.

He had some football content for me.

Kenny Britt was a letdown for the Browns, but as a team collector, I still need to get his cards. Although I had quickly looked through these cards before going into the show, his card didn't register in my mind. While digging through a dime box, I put a copy of this card on my pile only for Greg to notice and tell me that he had just given me a copy of this card. Woo hoo! He saved me a dime! (Oh, and upon getting home, it turned out that I already had it. Speak about a card not making an impression on me so that I don't remember that I have it.)

The rest of the package consisted of Mets cards.

It was nice to see Conforto bounce back from his shoulder injury. I can't wait to see how he does next year.

These two catchers have something in common...injuries. I don't know if d'Arnaud will ever live up to the potential that everyone raved about.

Looking at the back of John Stearns' card reminded me that I forgot that he had 25 stolen bases in 1978. At the time, that was the National League record for a catcher.

A couple of this year's injured outfielders. The Cespedes card is a Silver parallel, numbered out of 99. It will nicely fill his spot for 2018 in my Mets Starting Lineup Project.

Here are two more cards that I will use to fill 2018 spots in the Starting Lineup Project.

I prefer the Rosario insert card to the 2018 Opening Day card that I used to have in their, and I think I like this Pink parallel more than the Syndergaard card that I bought at the show.

Thanks for the cards, Night Owl!


  1. Those Otto Grahams are absolutely phenomenal!

  2. The '52 Wheaties set is one of the most distinctive sets ever made. Great stuff.

    Poor Kenny Britt ... ;)

  3. I am glad you dig the 52 Wheaties cards. When I come across cool cards like those I get bummed that the teams I root for weren’t around during that era.

  4. Both of those 52 Wheaties are gorgeous. I keep telling myself that I need to grab one for my collection. Headed off to see who's on the checklist right now.