Monday 29 October 2018

A minute a card: five random cards from my collection 3

Hey, it's a third post about this. I think this is becoming a series!

Here is what the randomizer at The Trading Card Database found for me today:

1995 Upper Deck - Electric Silver #275

Michael Jackson! Woo hoo!

I think I preferred when he wore number 1 as opposed to 81.

I didn't have any of these Electric Silver cards until I got back into collecting years after these came out.

1991 Score #19

I'm a broken record: Clay Matthews should be in the Hall of Fame.

Not a very flattering off-balance photo of him, but look at those eyes!

I really should get a 57 jersey.

2012 Topps Chrome - Rookie Relics #RR-10

At the time, someone was probably happy to pull this card! Now Richardson is used as the warning to not draft running backs so high, and also not to trade first round picks for them.

I thought it was a good draft pick when it was made.

1992 Classic Four Sport #100

Touchdown Tommy! (Who didn't live up to the name in Cleveland.) I like seeing the college card pop up in the randomizer.

Seeing this reminds me that I really have to send a package to Gavin - this is one of his guys from Granite.

1994 Action Packed #19

I loved Action Packed when it first came out. One of my best pulls was in 1991 Action Packed, when I pulled a 24 K gold-stamped Joe Montana card.

The raised features really look odd in a scan. Vinny's face looks a little puffy.


  1. I remember Vardell from his days at Stanford. I was investing all of my money into Fleer Ultra baseball back in 1992. If I hadn't been busting packs of that stuff... I might be investing in him. Either way... neither stuff is worth much anymore :)

  2. Always like seeing Touchdown Tommy pop up!