Sunday, 20 March 2016

Starting Lineup figures

One thing about being in Canada is that we don't get all the toys that collectors find in the United States.

In the early 1990s, I had heard about Kenner's Starting Lineup figures, but I don't remember ever seeing any NFL ones in stores around me. I think that I had seen a few baseball and football Starting Lineup figures at card shows, but never saw a Cleveland Brown to buy.

Looking online, I found the Starting Lineup Figures website and spent some time looking around. Going through the football sets listed, there are 21 Cleveland Browns figures. I currently own 7 of them, all being the most recent, and am sure it will be tough to track down the rest. I'll consider it a very long-term goal, especially seeing the eBay values on some of the older figures.

I'll list them here, and show the figures that I own.

1988 (Kenner)

Brian Brennan
Bob Golic
Bernie Kosar
Kevin Mack
Ozzie Newsome

1989 (Kenner)

Bernie Kosar
Kevin Mack
Hanford Dixon
Frank Minnifield
Webster Slaughter

1990 (Kenner)

Bernie Kosar - Brown jersey
Bernie Kosar - White jersey
Webster Slaughter
Eric Metcalf
Felix Wright

1994 (Kenner)

Eric Metcalf

1995 (Kenner)

Michael Dean Perry

1999 (Hasbro)

Tim Couch

2000 (Hasbro)

Tim Couch
Tim Couch - Ames exclusive
Ozzie Newsome

Of course, as you can see in each of the packages, the figures come with cards.

According to the Trading Card Database, the 1989 set included a card for Earnest Byner that didn't come with a figure.

The 1990 Starting Lineup figures came with two cards for each figure - one a "rookie card" of the player, the other a regular card.

I own the following loose cards, but don't own any loose figures.

1988 Ozzie Newsome

1989 Bernie Kosar

1994 Eric Metcalf

1995 Michael Dean Perry

1999 Tim Couch


  1. I'm lucky enough to have a Mack and a Brennan but the prices are ridiculous

  2. I was a bigger fan of baseball than football growing up but always liked the NFL starting lineups better.They had remove- able helmets!I've had my eye on some Mets and Oakland A's Starting Lineups as of late.They can get pretty pricey.

  3. I love Kenner SLU's. I've cut back on purchasing the figures, because I just don't have the space to store them. But I have two binders dedicated to my SLU card collection. That rookie Couch piece was popular back in the day. Feel bad for all those people who spent top dollar on that figure.