Monday 14 March 2016

Going back to the well

In January, I wrote about winning an auction of 400+ Browns cards at a very cheap price that proved to have a lot of cards (about 120) that I needed. Since then, over the last couple of months, the same seller listed two more lots of 400+ Browns cards.

After the success of the first lot, I figured that I would try and win the second one. Better for the seller, but not as good for me, the second lot ran up to $4.50 (plus $8.00 shipping) - a bit of an increase over the $0.25 that I won the previous lot for. Once again, I set expectations fairly low figuring that I might see a lot of doubles from the previous lot in this lot but thinking that even if I didn't get very many cards that I needed, that the orders would average out nicely. I set my hopes low, hoping to get at least 25 cards that I needed, which would be  $0.50 per needed card - a ratio that I could live with, especially after the last lot.

Well, once again, the lot proved more than worthy of the bid, it had just over 80 cards that I needed. I'll pick out some through the years, cutting my new acquisitions almost in half.

Some 1999 inserts
In the middle of the Kevin Johnson card, the stamp is "Gold Ingot". The Sparklers Tim Couch card looks better in person, and the Score Scoring Core insert has a little damage on the bottom and some spotting on the front but I still needed it so I'm happy to have it.

With this lot, I added around a dozen Tim Couch cards that I needed. He is the player that I own the most different cards of, and I keep getting more. The sad thing is that I still need so many more of his cards.

A few 2000 Courtney Brown and Tim Couch cards
Lots like this provide me with a lot of the college issue cards. They are cards that I don't always look for on my own. And you know what? I like die-cut cards.

More Tim Couch inserts. I like the Skybox Superlatives insert and how it models itself after a comic book cover.

WRs up top, Travis Prentice on bottom
I gained a few more Kevin Johnson cards (#2 in my collection), but not enough to keep pace with the Tim Couch cards in the collection.

Gerard Warren from 2001, others from 2002
Again, more college cards, including an insert of William Green.

I like the retro style cards that Fleer put out
The Fleer Tiffany card is #/225. It was a nice bonus to find parallel cards like that inside the lot.

Top from 2003, middle and bottom from 2004
I love the photo on the Andre Davis card in the middle.

I don't know if there are many Tim Couch cards that reflect him signing with the Packers. It was nice to get this card.

The Upper Deck Power Up is a little freaky.

New blood and a HOFer
There were actually a few different Charlie Frye cards in his Akron Zips uniform. I chose to show this insert.

And I'm never upset to add new Jim Brown cards to my collection.

A nice rookie card of D'Qwell Jackson. And I liked this version of the Gold Medallion Ultra cards. The players really stand out from the background. Antonio Bryant is listed with the 49ers.

A Brady bunch!
Again, a sampling of Brady Quinn cards that I needed. I think there were four other college cards that I didn't show, three more of them being part of the Aspire 5 Star insert set.

I was very surprised to see that I needed that Joe Thomas rookie card. I really don't know what to think of the Browns approach to free agency this year, but if the team is completely starting over from scratch, as much as I would hate to see the guy in a different uniform, maybe it would be best to trade Thomas to a team where he'll have a chance to win. I hope the team lets him make the decision if he wants to leave though.

The bottom two cards are both numbered, with the Edwards being #/250 and the Anderson #/75.

As you might have guessed, I was pretty pleased with this lot, filling in some holes from 1999-2008. It was enough that I was willing to push my luck again on the next Browns lot that the seller listed. That auction also ended at $4.50. Did my luck run out? We'll find out next post.


  1. That's a ridiculously good success rate - I might have to try one of the big, blind lots some day.

  2. I've never pulled the trigger on any lots for Pirates. They are few and far between anyway. Much better luck with WVU lots.

  3. Let me know when you're ready to sell your dupes... you know I'm looking! I have an odball here for you as well; a Joe Thomas "Play 60" card sized ad. It folds out with info inside of it. I posted a pic under card mysteries, Play 60, on the database

    1. I'm not selling you anything. I do, however, have a bunch of doubles that are on your wantlist that I'm just going to ship you at some point. As you can tell by my posts I'm getting them dirt cheap as is. Just keep thinking of me with your Browns doubles.

      I saw the Play 60 scan. Cool! Thanks!