Saturday 19 March 2016

A thank you missing bubblegum

There are many things to thank Jeff from Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum for, including all the comments he leaves on my posts. But this thank you is for an envelope of cards he sent me, most of which reminded me of better times.

We'll start with the feature card of the package:
2014 Panini Prestige Rookie Autographs #290
To me the most interesting part of this card is the signature. I've got plenty of signed Terrance West cards, and most are like yesterday's with a T with a line following it, and then a W with a line following it. This card actually has a squiggle for "errance" and I can see where it might say "West".

You know, I wonder if card companies should almost say to rookies that if things don't work out, this might be how collectors will get to know you. Do you really want your signature to fans to always just be an initial or lines?

Now, I know that I'm a hypocrite since my signature is horrible, but I'd like to think that if I was in a place where people might actually want my autograph that I would actually develop an autograph.

Anyway, although I had the other cards in his package, they were pre-move cards that brought back fond memories.

Here is a sampling of the cards that he provided:

Brian Brennan wasn't very big or fast, but had great hands. He is almost what you'd think of as a possession receiver now except you often think of bigger receivers in that role. I am waiting on a nice Brennan card to arrive for a future post.

I like subsets from the 1990s so much more than insert sets now. The Hot Gun Kosar is nice, but it isn't something you would want to see as part of an insert set in your pack.

I've seen that Jeff has sent out Stars n Stripes to a bunch of people. I liked that you got candy when you bought them, and Clay Matthews is one of my favorites to ever play the game.

Why is Pio Sagapolutele's card in there, other than the fact that it is a great photo? The name! It took me a while to get it down pat, but then seeing the card brought it back right away.

Michael Dean Perry was an awesome defensive lineman that got so much less press than his brother William. I guess being on Super Bowl winner and what many would argue is the best defense ever helps "The Fridge" a lot.

I love the Michael Jackson card - a wide receiver throwing!

The late Eric Turner was a great safety that I loved watching play.

Vinny Testaverde played 21 years in the league for 7 different teams, and threw at least one touchdown pass in each of his 21 seasons, a NFL record.

And Antonio Langham, a Brown pre-move, and post-expansion.

Thanks, Jeff!

I've got a bunch of stuff put aside for you. Hopefully I'll get it in the mail soon. (I keep saying that to people. I really need to organize more.)

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  1. Glad you liked everything, figured you had most of it but didn't want Terrance to fly solo. That Michael Jackson card is the best