Friday 11 September 2015

Rookie autographs

With the focus on rookie cards and autographs, and with sets coming out well before the season begins, you can commit to collecting players before they even play a regular season game.

Here are some of this year's rookie autographs that I've bought before the season's opening kickoff.

Browns first pick in 2015 -  #/99
Clear Gold #/10
I also have the regular Bowman Chrome refractor autograph to go with the blue one above. As a DT his cards were not that difficult to get. He is wearing 71 with the Browns so that part of the signature will change in the future.
Injured reserve for the year
 I think I picked this one up at the same time as the Orchard one below. I understand all these players have so many autographs to sign but initials are just so boring.
Hoping to add to the pass rush
 At least there are some sort of squiggles after the initials.
Didn't make the team
This is one of four Mayle autographs that I picked up, including an autographed Leaf Clear printing plate. My roommate is a Washington State fan so I watched Mayle play quite a bit last year. I hope he does well in Dallas, but as a Browns draft pick these cards will stay in my collection. 
Inscriptions Gold #/10
This was pulled in a local store where the owner rightly suspected that I would want it. I think that Erving will have a good career, and many analysts figure he is insurance at C in case Alex Mack opts out after this year. I hope there is no need for him to start this year as that means there will have been no injuries and the line is playing well.
Now it is time to start working on getting some of the rookie autographs from the regular, non-college sets.
I'm still debating making the drive to Syracuse tomorrow for a card show. If I do, I'll be sure to post my thoughts and anything that I pick up.


  1. What determines who gets rookie cards or not? I know how it works in the NBA, but not football. Somebody was drafted from Marist in this most recent draft, making him the third player in the NFL from there...but they apparently have zero cards between them as none are in the Database's name repository. I'd like to get at least one card from each of them, if only they existed.

    1. I would imagine that the people that pick the checklists will print cards for high draft picks, and players at skill positions that may become popular for people to try and collect. (This drives sales.)

      I wish that every player would get a card instead of all the parallels that they have. I would much rather try to track down a punter's card, or a lineman's card than the sixth parallel of some wide receiver.