Saturday 26 September 2015

Recently obtained cards

This morning I drove down to my US PO Box to pick up my mail and I'm happy to show some of what was waiting for me there.

The first two cards were obtained in a trade with gwhy11 on the Trading Card Database. I traded some old WHA hockey cards that I've had since I was a kid, and received the following two cards:

I am thrilled with picking up the 1970 Topps Super Leroy Kelly. Until recently, I had never seen one, and the first one I ended up seeing was trapped in plastic. I really thought about buying it, and freeing the card, but didn't want to pay the obvious premium the seller wanted for the graded card.

The 1962 Topps John Morrow now gives me 5 Browns for my team set. It is probably an unrealistic set to obtain with Ernie Davis' RC being in it, but I'll still try.

I've been looking for the following since the set came out in 1993.

When the 1993 McDonald's cards were released, a couple of friends and I made the hour-long drive to cross the border to go to a US McDonald's and buy some cards. However, since we weren't in a NFL city, we were just able to buy an "all-star" grouping of players.  I've kept my eyes open for the Browns set, but never came across one in person. I finally saw a really good deal on e-bay, and welcomed the three sheet set into my collection.

I added three new autographed cards to my collection:
E.J. Bibbs was the only undrafted rookie to make the Browns this year. The middle card is a Leaf Trinity Pure Glass card. I really like how solid it is, and I love how sharp looking both this card and the clear acetate cards that I've picked up are.
I continue to add Terrance West autographs to my collection. This is a 2014 Topps Inception, and I have another West auto on the way in the mail.
Some Johnny Manziel parallels from last year:
Although it is tough to see, the Hot Rookies Scorecard is #/99, and the Bowman Sterling is a Blue Wave Refractor that is #/25.
And I also picked up an interesting set of cards. The seller listed them as 1986, but the Standard Catalog of Vintage Football Cards lists this 5 card set as 1987 Browns Louis Rich. They are 5"x7.25" with no numbers, and blank backs. They were originally created to be used as a promotion in Louis Rich products but the promotion was cancelled after the cards were printed. According to the Catalog, collectors that stopped into the Oscar Mayer corporate office were given sets of the cards.

? is Dub Jones
And as happy as I am with these being added to my collection, I also added the following Dub Jones:

I had been watching this printing plate for a while on eBay, and finally figured that I should treat myself.
Dub Jones shares the NFL record of six touchdowns in a single game.

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  1. Good stuff. Those food promotional issues can be extremely hard to hunt down, and they don't always get proper storage either, if they go to non-card collectors. I am a big fan of printing plates, congrats on adding that one to your collection.