Wednesday 16 January 2019

Players with only one card in my collection - 8

Continuing the quick break from my COMC order to post another in a series showing cards of five players with only one card in my collection, and using images from The Trading Card Database. I'm using their sorting tools to look through my collection listed on their site to see who only has one card, and then finding the first five names that I haven't posted yet.

Here we go!

1989 Pro Set #520

Brian Washington was waived by the Browns in 1989, and did not play in the NFL for that season. He then played with the New York Jets for the 1990 to 1994 seasons, and the Kansas City Chiefs for 1995 and 1996.

Looking at his stats on the Pro Football Reference website, he had a pretty solid career.

This is his only Cleveland Browns card, but he had many other NFL cards with the Jets and Chiefs during his tenure with those teams.

2014 Upper Deck #101

This card caught me by surprise when I got it in a lot of Browns cards that I had won on eBay.

Calvin Barnett was an undrafted free agent that was signed by the Browns after the 2014 NFL Draft.

I will generally include college cards of undrafted free agents that the Browns sign in my collection as long as the Browns are the first team they sign with, however, for a lot of those players, unless they go on to make the team, I am often unaware that they were Browns signees. For my collection, I really don't follow the practice squad that close, but some eBay seller did.

Anyway, why wouldn't I want this card as part of my collection, it is awesome! I would almost have to make up an excuse to keep it in!

After being on the Browns practice squad during the 2014 season, the Miami Dolphins signed him in July 2015, and he appears to have been cut at the end of training camp.

He also has a black and white parallel to this card, and a couple of autograph cards in the 2014 Upper Deck set.

1965 Philadelphia #36

When I saw Dick Modzelewski's name on the list of players with only one card in my collection, I knew that it was this card. When he passed away last year, I looked to see how many cards of his that I had, and was surprised to find that this was his only Browns card. I don't know why his 1965 card didn't have him in a Browns uniform after he played the 1964 season with Cleveland.

Dick Modzelewski played fourteen years in the NFL, starting with the Washington Redskins from 1953-54, then the 1955 season with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and then more notably with the New York Giants from 1956-1963, and the Browns from 1964-66.

He played in six NFL Championships with the Giants, and two with the Browns, winning once with each team - in 1956 and 1964. He helped bring a winning attitude to the Browns and was a key in their shutout Championship victory over the Colts in 1964.

After his playing career, he coached steadily in the NFL from 1968-89.

1989 Pro Set #450

Barry Krauss never played for the Browns, and played the 1989 season, his final one in the NFL, with the Miami Dolphins. He has a 1989 Topps Traded card showing him with the Dolphins.

This is the only card that shows him as a Brown.

2007 Topps Total #22

This card is the only card in my collection for Kenny Wright. (I have two cards in my collection for Tim Carter, and seven for Leigh Bodden.) There are parallels of it available, so I'm sure Kenny Wright will eventually be removed from the list of players with only one card in my collection.

Kenny Wright was signed to a three-year contract by the Browns as a free agent in March 2007, after eight years in the NFL with Minnesota, Houston, Jacksonville and Washington. He played in seven games for the Browns during the 2007 season, and was released in May 2008 after twice being arrested for marijuana offences earlier in the off-season.

After the comments from the last post in this series, I will note that other than just by seeing the cards in my collection, I knew of Dick Modzelewski from books I've read about the 1964 Championship team, and I remembered Brian Washington as a Jet, but really didn't realize he was the same guy from this card until I wrote this post. I can't say that I remember Barnett, Krauss or Wright, except from my card collection.

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