Thursday 10 January 2019

COMC order Part 1

Like a lot of fellow collectors, I purchased cards from COMC during their Black Friday sale.

They joined some other cards that I had purchased throughout the year, and I received my package before Christmas. I've sorted them by year, and will show them over the next little while.

Today's post will cover the cards I bought up to 1993. Looking at the cards in this post, they look like they might add up close to the cost of a blaster, so I'm going to follow the lead from the Shoebox Legends blog and try and make this a COMC blaster.

1982 Superstars #50

COMC had this listed as a TCMA Superstars card. The Trading Card Database have it listed as both TCMA Superstars and Seckeli Superstar.

I hadn't seen this card before, so I will show the back.

I really don't think it is a TCMA card since any other TCMA card that I own has copyright information on it.

No matter what they call it, it is a Jim Brown that I needed, so I picked it up for $0.60.

This next card will look familiar - a 1989 Topps card of Bernie Kosar.

1989 Topps American/UK #3

The back, however, is different. It is brighter, and the number is different.

Unlike the 1987 Topps American/UK set, which has cards that are a little smaller than regular size, the 1989 cards are regular size. This is the only Browns card from that set, and I picked it up for $0.82.

I've slowly been picking up collegiate cards of Browns draft picks,

1990 Collegiate Collection Clemson #144

Michael Dean Perry is sharing this card with John Phillips, a guard with Clemson from 1984-87.

I still need three other cards from this set: a solo card of Michael Dean Perry, a card that Michael Dean shares with his brother William "The Refrigerator" Perry, and a solo card of Kevin Mack.

This card set me back $0.50.

And congratulations to the Tigers for winning this year's college Championship.

Okay, this next card will be a surprising need to my collection to some of you.

1990 Topps #164

Yes, a regular 1990 Topps card.

When I started recording my collection on the Trading Card Database, I discovered that there were two different versions of the 1990 Topps cards. One version had a disclaimer on the bottom of the back of the card, and the other version didn't.

Looking through my collection and doubles, I found that I had most of the cards to have team sets for both versions. I managed to find a few of the cards that I was missing, but was still short a couple of the regular cards with no disclaimers. Trying to order them online proves difficult, as a lot of listings don't seem to differentiate between the two versions. COMC does, however, and I could look at the back of the card to make sure.

It was worth the $0.65 to make sure I got one of the last two Browns cards that I needed from the 1990 Topps set. (I've since traded for the last one that I needed with someone from the TCDB. I hope that he had the right card recorded on the website.)

Next, I have the two Browns cards that comprise the team set for this 1992 release.

Top: 1992 Chris Martin Enterprises Dog Tags #5
Bottom: 1992 Chris Martin Enterprises Dog Tags #39

I really like these Dog Tags. The Cleveland Stadium photo is great! And, I'm never going to complain about adding a new Bernie Kosar to my collection.

The backs are pretty cool, especially for the team one.

The uniform is showing the number for Clay Matthews - who I was disappointed to see didn't make the finalists list for the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year.

I was happy to see these on COMC, and to buy the Kosar for $1.75, and the team card for $1.65.

This next card is the only Browns card from its set.

1992 Classic NFL Game #60

This Touchdown Tommy card cost me $0.67.

The following two cards were the most expensive cards from my order.

Top: 1992 Pro Line Profiles - Autographs - Bernie Kosar 3 of 9
Bottom: 1992 Pro Line Profiles - Autographs - Michael Dean Perry 8 of 9

The 1992 Pro Line Profiles set has nine card subsets of players, and the only two Browns represented are Bernie Kosar and Michael Dean Perry.

The autographed parallels are embossed in a corner (you can see it on the bottom right of Kosar's card, and the bottom left of Perry's), and consist of autographs of all nine cards in each player's subset.

The autographed Kosar card cost me $5.50, and is the second of the nine that I own, while the autographed Perry card cost me $3.85, and is the fourth of the nine.

1992 Wild Card - 50 Stripes #171

It seems that I'll be chasing Wild Card stripe cards for a long time, but I don't mind, especially if I can find them at this price. This 50 Stripe card cost me a whopping $0.67. I never would have believed that when I was trying to find stripe cards in the early 1990s.

Speaking of cards that I would have liked to have found in the early 1990s, and especially at these prices, here are some 1993 Stadium Club parallels.

Top (l-r): 1993 Stadium Club - Members Only #189; - First Day Cards #189
Bottom (l-r): 1993 Stadium Club - First Day Cards #4; - First Day Cards #394

I'm still working on these parallels - the Mack Members Only card brings my wantlist down to one card. The three First Day Cards bring my total up to seven of the twenty Browns cards in the set.

The Members Only card cost me $1.05, while the First Day cards cost me $0.75 for Mack, $0.67 for Johnson, and $0.62 for Jackson.

Finally, I finished with two gold parallels from 1993 Pro Set Power.

(L-R): 1993 Pro Set Power - Gold #92; - Power Moves Gold #PM 3

The Gold parallel Perry card is only my third of the eight Browns found in the base set, while the Testaverde Power Moves Gold parallel card is my first of the two Browns found in that insert set.

Each of these cards cost me $0.70.

So lets see, the total for these cards totaled $21.15, which is pretty close to the cost of a blaster.

Instead of buying a blaster of cards that would mostly not fit into my collection, I added 16 needed cards to my collection, and they included two autograph "hits".


  1. Great action shot on that Grayson! I've just started learning about all of the different variations between late 80's and early 90's cards from some YouTubers. It's a good thing I'm not a completist, because I'd go nut trying to chase down some of them.

  2. Those Dog Tags cards are pretty cool. I'm with you, that Cleveland Stadium card is really neat.