Thursday 15 November 2018

Not my usual card show purchases

Last Sunday, I poked my head into my local monthly card show. A usual vendor that I like to buy from was not there, and there were a few new faces that had set up tables.

In my first run through of the hall, I didn't come across anything for my collection, including from the one usual guy that has football cards there.

However, while looking around, I spotted a few boxes of CDs and DVDs that were being sold for $2.00 each, or 3 for $5.00.

I pulled out a bunch of CDs that I had mostly previously owned on cassette, and then found one DVD to get up to 12 items to bring my total to $20.00.

The box of DVDs had a whole bunch of movies that I had seen, and a bunch that I already owned.

Of course I had seen St. Elmo's Fire a few times before buying this, but I hadn't seen it recently and figured it was a good purchase for under two dollars.

I had previously owned the CCR CD on cassette and am happy that I will once again be able to listen to it in my car.

I have owned other Guess Who albums, but not this one. But the music is well worth picking up.

The Irish Descendants CD replaces a previous copy I owned that I gave to one of my friends in Seattle. It is nice to have easy access to their version of Barrett's Privateers again.

As far back as I can remember, Billy Joel has been my favorite singer. I think I might already own this CD, but I haven't seen it in years if I do, so I decided to pick it up.

Again, the Joplin CD is a replacement for previously owned music.

I have owned a Gordon Lightfoot album before, but not this one. This is a nice pick up.

I've never owned a Monkees album before. I don't know why, as I've always liked their music.

I owned Bob Seger's Greatest Hits on cassette so this is another replacement.

Have you noticed a trend? Every one of these CDs that I've picked up are collections of greatest hits. I guess it is one of the ways to make sure there are songs I like.

I didn't own either of these before, but have always liked Paul Simon and a bunch of the songs on this album.

The Britney Spears album is me picking up a guilty pleasure for under two dollars. I don't know how often I'll listen to it, but it is there if I want it.

I like Thorogood, and have seen him in concert, but had never owned any of his music. It seemed I could always borrow his music off of roommates or friends if I ever wanted to listen to it.

After buying this, I took one last look around, and noticed that one of the new dealers had a football monster box that I hadn't seen, underneath a couple of hockey boxes.

Taking a look at the football box, the cards seemed to range from the 1950s to 1986, with not too much from any given year. The cards weren't in mint condition, but they were there.

The dealer told me that there were prices on the cards, but that he would lower the price on anything that I wanted to buy. He also told me that he had picked up this box at a Florida show for a good price without really knowing what was inside.

I didn't find any Browns cards that I needed, but one card jumped out at me. It had a $30.00 price tag on it.

I decided that even if it was just knocked down to twenty dollars, that I would be happy to own it, so I handed it to the dealer to see what he wanted for it.

Okay, you can see some corner damage, and it is has centering issues, but I never thought that I would be buying a Joe Montana rookie card.

Do you know what the dealer knocked it down to? Ten dollars. (And don't forget, I'm in Canada, so that was ten Canadian, which is just under eight US dollars.) How fast do you think I pulled out my wallet?

Here's the back. It is in nice shape.

Although I'm not a 49er fan, I am a Notre Dame fan, so this was a great card to pick up.

So, that's it. Not my usual card show purchases, but one nice football card that I am happy to own, and a bunch of music to listen to, and a movie to watch again.


  1. Totally understand guilty pleasures. My brother just hooked me up with his record collection and buried among the 70's rock albums (Eagles, Boston, Kansas, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Van Halen, etc.) was a Christopher Cross album.

    Congratulations on finding the Montana for $8. That's an awesome find! No way I'm finding that in my area for under $30.

  2. Awesome Joe! I like most of your musical selections too.

  3. This sounds like it would've been my kind of card show! There's some really solid music there too, but you might want to keep the windows rolled up when you're bumping that Britney though :)

  4. Good stuff. St. Elmo's Fire is a great movie from my college days, it holds a great deal of memories for me.