Monday 12 November 2018

A minute a card: five random cards from my collection 5

I'm trying to keep these posts weekly since they are so quick to do. Let's see what random cards The Trading Card Database selects from my collection today.

1995 Ultra - Gold Medallion #61

I'm happy to see this card. I think this was my favorite year of the Gold Medallion parallels that Ultra used. I like the gold foil background. Combine that with the fact that it is of Steve Everitt, a player I really liked, and I think the Database chose a good card for me.

2015 Panini Contenders #54

Josh McCown started for the Jets today, and although I didn't watch the game, it doesn't look like he did too well. Too bad. I appreciated having him around as a quarterback in Cleveland, even if he didn't get the winning results I wanted.

2002-03 UD SuperStars #261

I had never heard of this multi-sport set until I got a card from it in a lot of Browns cards that I bought. I think there are three Browns cards in the set.

Rick Nash sure had a way better career than Andre Davis.

2012 Score - Gold Zone #286

Gold Zone, one of Score's many annual parallels.

I thought Sheard was a good player for the Browns, but was one of many defensive players that was drafted over the years that fell victim to changing defensive schemes.

2011 Score - Hot Rookies #12

You have to love the training uniforms being shown on the cards. I've got so many cards of Greg Little wearing 00. Although, I guess it is better than seeing combine photos of players in shorts and t-shirts with numbers on them.


  1. I have a hierarchy of card types that I try to adhere to when adding to my fantasy football binder. 'Combine photo cards' ranks pretty close to the bottom.

    Sweet win for the Brownies today, btw. Looks like Chubb has arrived.

  2. Huge win for the Browns! Congratulations.