Wednesday 27 January 2016

Wallet Card Wednesday - 4

A few more wallet card photos to throw out there.

Tenor clef? Really? Haven't had to deal with that before!
Pulled out my wallet card as I was practicing in advance of my weekly choral group rehearsal. This is our group's first time singing this song - a song that I have heard many times played on bagpipes, but wasn't aware that there were words to. I should have known...
Anyway, from early rehearsals, it sounds like a nice arrangement and I'm sure we'll have it nailed down well before our spring concert season.
Some people may remember that I assisted Tony with his trade war with JBF. One of the items I sent along was an action figure of Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada's first Prime Minister.
Here is my wallet card in front of a statue of Sir John A. to the east of the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa.
I expect statues and building in Ottawa will form a backdrop to many wallet cards in the future. I'll have to work on the lighting.
Snack time!
Trying to lose some holiday pounds I gained, and therefore snacking a bit healthier. The problem with it is that I eat way too many carrots. Watching the football games on Sunday, I went through a 2 lb. bag...and that wasn't the first time. Sigh. I guess it is better to finish a bag of carrots than to finish a big bag of chips.


  1. Can't say that I have the same problem as you with the carrots. Mine is quite the opposite!

  2. I eat a lot of carrots as well. A 2-lb. bag is only like 280 calories, or the caloric equivalent of about 2 oz. of potato chips. I've been tracking my calories, so I always have to decide if a given food is worth the calories it will use from my daily budget. I'm down about 20 pounds since I started the program in October.

  3. Did you turn orange? Is eating those carrots some kind of extreme Cleveland Browns fan tactic?

  4. We Browns fans will do anything to get a winner ;)