Monday 18 January 2016

Happy surprise Browns lot

Saturday morning I made the drive down to my post office box to pick up some auction wins.

There were a few different small purchases, and one lot of 400+ Browns cards that I won on Sportlots for $0.25 plus $8.00 shipping. I fully expected the lot to contain a bunch of junk wax and before opening it figured if I could find 24 cards I needed for my collection that I would be happy. (I figured that with conversion I was paying about CDN$12.00, and that would be about CDN$0.50 each, which I wouldn't have a problem with.)

However before I talk about the lot, let's look at some of the other cards I picked up.
Here are the newest autographs for my collection. All of the cards are new to me, but I already have multiple autographed cards of each player.

The Topps Platinum Danny Shelton was a contest prize that I won from Sports Card Info. I don't often enter their contests for cards but will always do so for a Browns card. I was lucky to win it as I only entered on one day over the period of the contest.

In my last few posts, I showed Crown Royale and Topps Heritage that I had bought hoping for Browns. Well, when you can't pull them, buy them. They weren't very expensive. And the Sage Hit Gold Acho joins with the Silver that I already had and now gives me five autographed cards out of the seven I own of him.

A small lot I won on eBay contained the cards above.

Bernie Kosar, Duke Johnson and Travis Benjamin - former Miami Hurricanes.

The Prestige Extra Points McCown is #/50.

An interesting tidbit that Browns fan would be aware of, but others might not know is that Brandon Weeden and Johnny Manziel, along with Brady Quinn, were drafted with the 22nd pick in the first round of their respective drafts. I am thinking that if they ever have the 22nd pick, that they shouldn't draft another quarterback there.

Now, about that large lot that I picked up. When I opened it, the first thing that I noticed was that, contrary to my expectations, it wasn't a whole bunch of junk wax years (and I say that with love) Pro-Set, Score and Fleer cards. In fact, only around 60 cards or so were pre-expansion year cards, and of those I needed almost a third. Here are some of them:
An interesting thing about working on wantlists - I do team searches which miss cards such as the Metcalf and Carrier cards above. It is nice to see them included in Browns team lots since they are wearing Browns uniforms. And it is very nice to get the Black Label parallels of them. Now to look for the regular base cards.

I might not be the biggest Andre Rison fan but I do like this Prism insert, and I love the photo on Touchdown Tommy's Nitro parallel card.

I previously only had two of the 1996 Collector's Edge Browns cards of the nine in the team set. Now I'm down to only needing one, Ernest Hunter.

All told, in the just over 400 card lot, I needed around 120 cards. And in checking another Browns collector's wantlist, among my new doubles I found quite a few that he needed. I'm very happy with the purchase, and glad that I didn't ignore the auction because I didn't want to pay the shipping cost.

Although I'm going to show an assortment of the cards from 1999 on in a future post, I do want to show one 1999 card that was in the set.

I hadn't even heard of the 1999 Giant Eagle Browns card set. It is always nice to get a new card, and find out about a new set. I found the checklist and added it to the Trading Card Database and am quite excited to see some names on there that I don't believe have any other cards in Browns uniforms. I haven't seen too many cards from this set out there, so I have something to search for. 


  1. Sounds like you did great for the price! I have bought quite a few large Pirates lots off ebay, and always end up with more new cards for my collection than I had hoped. It's definitely worth the gamble.

  2. Well, that's a steal of a deal. I'm always tentative when I see these sorts of lots up for auction; maybe I should actually give this a try.

  3. Very nice! Looks like quite the haul there!