Thursday 7 January 2016

Wallet card and 2015 Topps Heritage football

I'm still not getting the posts that I want in when I want to get them in. It's a good thing that wasn't a New Year's resolution.

I've started carrying around a wallet card, and it is one that has been seen a couple of times on my blog before. The card went in my wallet yesterday. My wallet folds into three, so the wallet card will be standing vertically in the middle of the wallet next to a bank card and a movie Scene card. I expect the edges to become frayed, but for it not to have many creases through the card when the year finishes. Here is my choice:

I hope to show Kevin Mack scoring touchdowns in many different places over the next year.

As an early premium type set, Pro Set Platinum seems to be a little thicker and have a little more gloss than the regular base cards of 1991. Hopefully that, and its positioning in my wallet will allow it to stay in decent shape.

Along with the Panini Crown Royale I showed in my previous post, over Christmas I purchased a second box to open, this one a small box of 2015 Topps Heritage. It was $24.99 at Target, and I believe the boxes are exclusive to Target.

Okay, there are two Browns in the set, and 11 cards in the box. Let's see what I get!

Starting with the autograph, and the foilboard card that I found in my box:

I've complained about this before - why does a set that comes out in mid-December have players that didn't make their teams? Are the companies working so far in advance that they can't modify their card lists? (Above, when I mentioned that there are two Browns in the set, one is Vince Mayle who didn't make it out of training camp.)

Any Jaguar collectors out there, or collectors of Notre Dame players in NFL uniforms?

The big "Congratulations!" really didn't do anything for me with this card.

The foilboard looks like a mirrored silver (foil, I guess) in person, but scans white as seen above.

On to the rest of the cards:

Well, another instance of not getting any Browns, although I knew the odds were slim. I know where this card will wind up:

And I know a local collector that will gladly take Jordy Nelson off my hands, but nothing here fits my collection.
The cardboard is very much like the Turkey Red cardboard from last year. I like the 1956 set that these cards are based on, but at that price point I have no interest in trying to complete the set.
Will I buy another box? Probably not, but if I'm at a Target, in the mood to buy something and don't have many other choices, I might. I probably spent too much money on Turkey Red last year which pretty much had the same distribution. I thought about trying to complete that set but started to run into way too many doubles.


  1. Kevin White!

    I'm completely in the dark to what Target is carrying these days so that Heritage box is new to me. The price point seems to be pretty good.

    1. I guess if I compare the price point to other sets, 11 cards with a guaranteed autograph for $25 isn't bad, but it just seems to be a lot. I guess it is more the lack of Browns in the set.

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  3. I never, I repeat NEVER get Browns when I buy ANY pack or box. I now trade, as you know, and have started doing box breaks. I know that I won't always get a card, but i'd rather spend 3 bucks on a chance for a Browns auto or patch than spend 3 bucks on a pack of cards that I don't want.