Wednesday 15 November 2023

Sharing customs from a friend - Ryan's minis

A while back, Chris, from the Nachos Grande blog, posted about his friend's passing, and offered to share custom minis that his friend had made.

I received a nice envelope of Ryan's custom 2008 A&G minis with their Munnatawket backs.

This was the mini that really caught my eye! I do love Mr. Met!

I'm sure a smile will come to my face every time I see this card.

Here is the Munnatawket back for these minis.

I'll show some individual cards to comment on before showing other minis in groups.

Although I'm not a Cutch collector, I was happy to receive this mini. 

I've got a number of years on Andrew McCutchen, but we share the same October 10th birthday.

Being a Browns fan, I tend to read many online articles on Cleveland sports. I appreciate all the years that Carlos Santana spent with the Indians.

That isn't why I displayed his card to this post by itself.

The Bazooka back, numbered 1 of 25, is why! Woo hoo!

I'm always so impressed with the customs that bloggers and collectors make, especially when they go that extra step of having holographic stickers for the serial numbers.

As a kid, I started collecting sports cards before I got older and started collecting comic books.

I love getting a comic book character card, and was happy to get this Spider-Man mini.

I have to group these two great Canadian ballplayers together.

It's always weird seeing Morneau not in a Twins uniform.

I was hoping that Votto would be a career Red, but many of my local friends hope that the Blue Jays sign him to finish his career with a Canadian team.

I liked seeing King Felix pitch on tv, and would have loved to have seen him in person.

I still shake my head at the memory of Yasiel Puig licking his bat.

Bautista and Tulo were favourites of many of my local friends that are Blue Jays fans.

I'm very disappointed that Ben Zobrist won a World Series with Kansas City in 2015. Obviously, I was cheering for the Mets.

I had forgotten that Lance Berkman ended his career with a season with the Rangers.

I really don't like the Marlins franchise, but I guess I don't have anything against Billy the Marlin. I like mascots.

I golf left-handed, so always pay some attention to left-handed golfers. (Go Mike Weir!)

That being said, I couldn't miss a golfer with the nickname "Lefty", especially since he was a top golfer in the world for so long. I really appreciate Mickelson's YouTube instructional golf videos. However, I am not a supporter of the idea of the LIV tour, so I really haven't paid much attention to him recently.

Chris, thanks for sending me these minis to carry on the memory of your friend Ryan. 

They are great quality custom cards, and I'm happy to have them in my card collection.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards and I'm even more happy to be able to spread some joy around with Ryan's work. Thanks for the post!

  2. I had no idea that Morneau was ever a Pirate. I don't think that I knew he was Canadian either.

  3. Great stuff! I wound up with a couple of the same ones you did but no issues with that at all!