Wednesday 11 January 2023

Otto Graham additions

I want to share two Otto Graham cards that I added to my collection in the last 16 months.

In October 2021, I had to travel to Phoenix for some family issues. While there, I met up with Daniel from the It's like having my own Card Shop blog. (Also check out his YouTube channel - Daniel Wilson)

We met at one of his local card stores, and I found a vintage Otto Graham card that I had to buy.

This 1955 Topps All-American card may have soft corners and some dings on the edges, but it displays really well, and was more affordable with the flaws.

I was really happy to buy this card, and am really quite jealous of a couple of card stores that Daniel gets to visit regularly.

The second Otto Graham card was a gift from a friend.

During COVID times, my friend Lorri has done an amazing job of turning her work from home office into a real fan-cave.

She is a big Packers fan, and filled the office with all sorts of different items, many autographed. Among the autographed items, she has two framed Favre jerseys (one Packers, one Vikings), a number of autographed mini helmets, which includes a couple of Hall of Fame players, a few autographed footballs, and two autographed kicking tees. 

She also has a small section devoted to the Bulls - a small display case of Michael Jordan cards, and a framed autographed Dennis Rodman jersey.

I've found her a number of football cards to display with her autographed items, and she has bought more for herself. She had a few cards from one set that made me comment that I was looking for the Otto Graham card from the same set.

I went to visit a month or so later, and was presented with this card.

The Trading Card Database lists these as the  1999-01 Danbury Mint 22K Gold Legends set. The Otto Graham card is the only Browns card in the set.

You can see that these gold cards are sealed in their own plastic cases.

I was very surprised and pleased to receive this gift.

Lorri told me that the most cost effective way to buy this Graham card was to buy a partial set. She also decided that she didn't want the extra cards, so I have some other cards from this set that are available for trade.

Here is what I have for trade:

Chicago Bears - Gale Sayers
Dallas Cowboys - Drew Pearson, Lee Roy Jordan, Bob Lilly
Green Bay Packers - Paul Hornung, Bart Starr, Jim Taylor
Kansas City Chiefs - Bobby Bell, Len Dawson, Jan Stenerud
New York Giants - Harry Carson, Y.A. Tittle
Philadelphia Eagles - Harold Carmichael
Pittsburgh Steelers - Franco Harris, John Stallworth
St. Louis Cardinals - Jim Hart


  1. I would be interested in the 2 Steelers cards

  2. That's a fancy card from Lorri! She's diehard.

  3. Without any creases, I'd say that the All-American still looks REALLY good! I had never seen his card from that set before. They gave him a good one.