Sunday 8 January 2023

Not according to plans - Local card show today

The monthly Ottawa card show happened today, and I went to it with the intention of not spending much money. 

The only purchase that I wanted to make was to buy a new box of nine pocket pages from one dealer that usually has them a couple of dollars cheaper than area stores. As it turned out, he wasn't at the show.

I still managed to find ways to spend money though.

I really didn't plan on purchasing an autographed postcard.

I saw this autographed Tom Seaver postcard among a number of other autographed Perez-Steele postcards. I often buy a lot of items from the dealer that was selling them, and made the mistake of asking him how much this postcard was. He told me $40 (just under $30 USD).

Since I had already gathered some items from him (they'll be noted in this post), and wasn't sure if I wanted to spend more money, I asked if he might be able to put it aside until next month. He told me that he had someone that was going to buy all of the collection of postcards that didn't sell, so he wouldn't be able to.

I decided to buy it. I figure it is a good use of some Christmas money that I received.

The same dealer also had another single card that I purchased.

Okay, I've already got two Gary Carter rookie cards, and both are in better shape than this...

...but this one is O-Pee-Chee!

(I like that I finally get to do that!)

Both of my other Carter rookie cards are Topps. Since I started looking for Carter rookies after getting back into card collecting, I haven't seen an O-Pee-Chee one. There was no way I was passing on it.

Now I just need to find the Topps Mini version.

Continuing with the same dealer, he told me that he had bought a collection of pocket schedules and asked me if I was interested in these Browns ones.

I love the top right schedule for a political candidate, and would love to still have the prices on the back of the top left schedule.

I think I only had one or two schedules, so this was a nice addition to my Browns collection.

He also had another interesting card with Browns content.

Okay, I cheer for the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the CFL, but those aren't the Roughriders in this 1961 Topps CFL team card. 

That is a photo of the 1959 Cleveland Browns being used on that card. (Jim Brown is just above #34.)

By some mistake, this photo was used as the Saskatchewan Roughriders team cards by Topps from 1961-1964.

I bought this card to see if is an upgrade over the other one I own. I'll look later.

I'm still looking for the 1963 Topps CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders team card.

Moving away from Browns content to my Christmas/Santa collection, I bought a partial set of Coca-Cola cards that included some Santa cards.

These are acetate cards, and you can see through them at the top of each card. They are cards 16-20 from what the Trading Card Database is calling the 1996 Score Board Coca-Cola Sprint Phone Cards set. I still need one more Santa card from this set - card 15.

Moving away from this dealer to another one that I usually deal with, he had one Browns card for me that I had never seen before.

It is a booklet insert card from the 2002 Fleer Platinum set. It opens up to show the inside:

There is a jersey piece in the bottom right corner.

It is a neat addition to my collection, and was given to me by the dealer. We kind of have ongoing trades that carry over. I rarely have to buy Browns cards from him. He's more than happy to get Packers cards from me in trade instead.

I purchased a couple of non-sports sets from another dealer that I buy from regularly.

This first set of six cards are an insert set in the 1995 Collect-A-Card Coca-Cola Super Premium set. The insert set seems to be called Embossed Santa.

I always love adding cards to my Christmas/Santa binder.

I also bought a set of 24 chrome type stickers that came as inserts in the 2002 Artbox Lord of the Rings Action Flipz set. They are from The Fellowship of the Ring.

The lighting for my photos is bad, and not helped by the curves in the stickers. The bottom photo is just to show the size of the cards versus the size of a regular card.

I was disappointed that there wasn't a Gimli sticker.

Finally, from a last dealer, I picked up two 1986 Montreal Expos team sets. I figured that I would keep one, and send the other one of to the Not Another Baseball Card Blog if he needed it.

Here are a sample of the panels for the 1986 Provigo Montreal Expos set of panels:

The joke was on me though. I already have a set of the panels as well as a set of the separated cards. The second set is available for trade if anyone is interested.

So, other than a couple of small items that I bought for others, that was my card show.

Honestly, I didn't mean to buy much. I just wanted nine pocket pages.

No regrets.


I'm sure that most everybody has cheered on the recovery of the Bills safety Damar Hamlin. I'm not sure if everyone has heard the recent news and of the hospitalization of former Browns running back Peyton Hillis.

According to the most recent update that I have seen, Hillis could use any good thoughts and prayers that we can send his way. He was hospitalized after saving his kids from drowning.

Here are some nice Peyton Hillis cards from my collection:

Best wishes to you, Peyton!


  1. I could definitely use those Provigo cards

  2. I don't follow much "news" these days, but even so, I haven't seen headlines about Peyton's situation. Given the nature of the story, it seems like there should've been a few.

    That Browns CFL card is interesting. That's one of those things that I would never notice on my own had someone not brought it to my attention.

  3. I was just wondering about Peyton's condition last night and read that he was recovering. Very happy to see that news. As for the cards, congratulations on adding that OPC rookie card of The Kid. Ironically... the only copy I own is the mini (part of my set). I still need the OPC and regular card. And that Seaver signature is gorgeous. $30USD is a great price. I would have grabbed that too.