Saturday 4 May 2019

A pack of 2019 Topps Utz Baseball cards

When I last went down to Ogdensburg to pick up my mail, including the package from Gavin from my previous post, I decided to look and see if I could find any of the Utz products containing this year's baseball cards.

I looked in the Walmart, and had no success, but there was a Price Chopper across the street that did have to packages of 12 mini bags of Utz products.

I had never tried Utz chips before, and the package had three mini bags of four different flavors - regular, bbq, sour cream and onion, and cheese curls. Of those, I don't like sour cream and onion, and cheese curls. Oh well, they will be given away to some friend that likes them.

Here are the cards that I found in my pack.

I really like the photo here, with the bat yet to hit the ground, and the ball still in the frame on what must have been a bunt.

Funny to see bunt cards back to back.

As a Mets fan, I wish that this card had Cano in a Mets uniform.  It would have made one of these cards actually stay in my collection.

The pack also came with a coupon that I may or may not use some day.

I enjoyed the regular and bbq chips enough that I would buy more of them to get the cards. I also would like to show that the promotion works, and that more food companies should do card promotions. However, I don't know whether there will still be any available the next time I manage to get down to Ogdensburg. This, of course, is a lead in to an update on my health issue detailed last post.

So, last Wednesday I went for my ultrasound, and to meet with a doctor.

Long story short, it looks like I have a full tear of one of the tendons in my hamstring, and will require surgery.

I was told to call the hospital the next day to book an appointment with an orthopedic doctor, and that I would find out how things would progress from there.

It seems that any time they tell you to make an appointment with a specialist, there is usually quite a wait to see one. I called on Thursday, and had an appointment set up for next Monday. That's quick. Now I wonder how quickly the surgery might be scheduled. I'll be sure to post an update when I know something more.

All I know is that it isn't going to be fun having the surgery and then doing the rehab. However, it has to be better than not being able to sit normally, which is the situation I am in now, and being stuck in the house because I can't drive anywhere. I like driving, and had plans to drive to Syracuse and Binghamton to see some baseball games this summer, Now I don't know when I'll be able to. It is frustrating.

I probably won't be going down to Ogdensburg anytime soon, so no new Utz chip packages for a while. One of my friends will check my P.O. Box for me, but probably no more than once a month. If anyone has sent me anything very recently, or is planning to, please let me know so that I'm aware of it. Thanks.

However things could be a lot worse. I could have been injured worse, or I could live somewhere in the Ottawa area that is being affected by the flooding that is going on here right now. I'll count my blessings that I've avoided those things.


  1. That sucks about your hamstring. I am going to be heading to an orthopedic doctor in the near future to have my elbow checked out. I felt something pop when cutting wood this winter, and I have a fear that it's a UCL tear.

  2. Hearing stories about flooding always freaks me out. Water and sports cards don't pair well. Anyways... I hope your surgery goes smoothly and you recover quickly.

  3. That's definitely a bummer! Good luck with surgery/rehab, I'll be thinking about you. If you need me to head up to Ogdensburg to check your box let me know.

  4. I somehow missed your last post, so this is new to me. I'm sorry to hear that you have to deal with all of this (pain, discomfort, etc.) -- But you're right, even though it's bad, it could've been much worse, so that's something to be thankful for.