Friday 29 March 2019

Topps Opening Day purchase

I was shopping in Walmart today, and figured that I might as well look in the card section.

I noticed that my Canadian Walmart had the small blisters of Opening Day packs that contain three 7 card packs and a special Blue Jays parallel card.

I figured that I might as well celebrate yesterday's Mets Opening Day win with some cards.

Pack 1:

Awesome! A Mets cards as my first 2019 baseball card! And a player that can be added to my opening day starting lineup project.

The back half of the pack didn't disappoint.

It had one of the Opening Day parallels, a Babe Ruth insert, and another Mets starter for my project. Nice!

First pack of the year, and I pull two Mets. I wish I had that luck with Browns cards in football.

Pack 2:

Okay, this pack starts off with the base card of the Opening Day parallel that I pulled last pack.

I like the photo of Garcia blowing his bubble.

I can't say that I recognize Blooper as a baseball mascot.

* flips over card *

Okay, that explains it. It says that he was introduced Chop Fest in 2018. I learned something new.

Great to pick up another Mets card.

I love the fact that Frazier, along with Conforto are wearing the high socks.

Pack 3:

There are still a lot of Encarnacion fans in my area. They all seemed to love him with the Blue Jays.

Many people in the area also like Pedro, remembering his Expos days. He did seem to get a lot of joy out of playing baseball.

Nice to see another Mets card in here. I hope that Diaz has a great season. I would like to not have to stress myself out watching save situations.

Bonus Blue Jays parallel:

I wonder if Smoak will make it through the season with the Jays. They are going young, and I'm sure they will be trying to shop him.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with my purchase. I was surprised to get four Mets in the three packs. I'll probably buy another one of these blisters at some point later in the summer. I do like looking through them even if they don't fit into my card collection. I guess the secret is to not buy too many of them.

Let's Go Mets!


  1. Those maple leaf parallels would sucker me in, especially if I was a Blue Jays fan.

    1. I second night owl's comment. Didn't know these existed, but they're really cool.