Friday 15 March 2019

Recent eBay purchase for the price of a blaster

I have three or four drafts going right now that I hope to eventually finish, including one I started about my thoughts of the last few days for the Browns, but instead of finishing them, I'm going to do a quick post on some cards I bought on eBay. It will be nice to actually finish a post.

One of the players shown in a recent one card in my collection post was Buster Skrine. Since it didn't look like he had too many cards out there, I thought I would look to see if there was one out there that I could add to my collection. I found this one on eBay:

2011 Playoff Contenders #190

I found this card with a Buy It Now price of $1.99. The card was listed with a shipping cost of $3.00, but the listing said that it was a flat shipping rate if additional cards were added.

To help take advantage of the flat shipping cost, I looked to see if I could find some other cards for my collection.

I found a bunch of Jordan Cameron cards.
2011 Panini Absolute Memorabilia - Spectrum Gold Autographs #119 (#/299)

2011 Panini Certified #197 (#/999)

2011 Panini Gold Standard - Autographs Silver #200 (#/499)

2011 Panini Limited #174 (#/499)

2011 Panini Plates & Patches - Silver #141 (#/100)

2011 Panini Threads - Autographs Silver #201 (#/299)

The three autographs above have doubled the Jordan Cameron autographs in my collection. The Absolute Memorabilia autograph was $3.99, while the other two were $2.99 each.

The non-autographed cards were $0.99 each.

Continuing through the seller's football cards, I found this card of Barkevious Mingo for $1.99.

2013 Topps Supreme - Purple #3 (#/99)

And of course this is another one of those cases where I have now found a parallel of a card before the actual base card.

I do, however, already own the base card of the last two parallel cards from this order.

2014 Topps Supreme - Blue #26 (#/144)

2014 Topps Supreme - Purple #26 (#/99)

The blue parallel cost $0.99, while the purple parallel was $1.49.

The total of the cards came to $19.40 before shipping.

All of the cards were from the players' rookie years, and other than the Skrine autograph, they are all serial-numbered. All are welcome additions to my collection.


  1. Nice stuff, I love combined shipping. Must be an exciting time to be a Browns fan.

  2. I guess it was a good thing that the seller had so many Browns cards for you... that's how you take advantage of combined shipping!