Thursday 14 February 2019

Players with only one card in my collection - 10

Another week has passed without me working on the other post that I started.

I haven't picked up any new cards to show, even though I have a couple waiting for me at my PO Box. The weather, or the threat of the weather, has kept me from making the hour-long drive to get them. I hope to go on Saturday.

To post something, I'll fall back on my continuing series of posts showing the cards I own of players that only have one card in my collection. The images for these cards are taken from The Trading Card Database, using their sorting tools to look through my collection listed on their site to see who only has one card, and then finding the first five names that I haven't posted yet.

Here are the players that I came across today.

1960 Topps #27

Billy Howton had a distinguished twelve year NFL career that left him as the league's all-time leader in receptions and receiving yardage when he retired.

He began his career as a second round draft pick of the Green Bay Packers in the 1952 NFL Draft. He played seven seasons with the Packers before being traded to the Cleveland Browns for the 1959 season.

After the season, Howton informed the Browns that he planned on retiring, but the expansion Dallas Cowboys talked him into continuing his career, and traded a draft pick to the Browns to acquire him.

He played three seasons for the Cowboys before retiring after the 1963 season.

This is his only mainstream card with the Browns. He also had a Carling Black Label Beer photo card with the team.

2005 Topps Total #348

Michael Lehan was drafted by the Browns in the fifth round of the 2003 NFL Draft. He played in 32 games with the Browns, starting four of them, in three seasons with the Browns.

After his time with the Browns, he spent another three seasons in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints.

His only cards were in Topps Total sets. This one, along with parallels of it, were his only cards with the Browns. He also had a card, and parallels, with the Dolphins in the 2007 Topps Total set.

As for the other players on this card, I currently own two cards for Michael Jameson, and four cards for Chris Crocker.

2011 Panini Plates & Patches #191 (#/199)

I'm a little surprised that this is my only card of Buster Skrine, a fifth round draft pick of the Browns in the 2011 NFL Draft.

He seemed to battle constantly for his position on the team and won spots as a starting cornerback for the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

After his four seasons with the Browns, Skrine signed a four year contract with the New York Jets as a free agent. I believe that this deal has finished and that he is again a free agent.

His only football cards came during his rookie season, with cards in this Plates & Patches set, and in the Playoff Contenders and Playoff National Treasures sets.

2007 Topps Total #288

This card represents the only card in my Browns collection for two of these players - Robaire Smith and Ted Washington. (I have seven cards of Orpheus Roye.)

Robaire Smith played eleven seasons in the NFL, seven seasons with the Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans, before finishing his career with four seasons with the Browns from 2007-10.

Ted Washington played for seven teams in his seventeen year NFL career, playing his last two seasons as a member of the Browns. He was a very large body in the middle of any defensive line that he played on, and was a very good run stopper. I was very happy when the Browns signed him, even knowing that he was wrapping up his career.

There are parallels to this card that I don't own, and this Topps Total set is the only one that shows both veteran defensive linemen as members of the Cleveland Browns.


  1. As a Packers fan, I definitely recognized Mr. Howton. Awesome card.

  2. I had never heard of Bill Howton, after reading some more about him and his career, I think I might need a card (or two) of his.