Thursday 19 April 2018

Package from Scribbled Ink

I found a nice bubblewrap envelope in my mailbox today. It is always nice to have cards sent here, getting them without having to drive an hour to my US PO Box.

This envelope was from Tigers and fish cards collector, Paul, at the Scribbled Ink blog.

(Hey, fellow bloggers, I just thought of something... Paul collects fish cards. Marlins are fish. Send all your Marlins cards to Paul! I'm sure he'll appreciate them.)

Here are the Browns cards that were in the envelope.

L-R: 2016 Panini - The National #63 (#/499); 2017 Panini - The National #31 

It is always nice to get cards from the National Convention. Here are a couple of the Browns first round picks from the last two years.

COMC lists the Jabrill Peppers card as being from the VIP Prizm set, but I haven't found a checklist for the set yet so I just went with the set name description from the back when labelling it above.

2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot #92 (#/1500)

Chris Crocker was a third round draft pick out of Marshall for the Browns in the 2003 NFL Draft. He played three seasons for the Browns, starting all 16 games of the 2005 season. He was traded to the Atlanta Falcons in March 2006 for a fourth round draft pick in the 2006 NFL Draft.

He wound up having an eleven year NFL career, playing for the Falcons, Dolphins, and Bengals after his stint with the Browns.

L-R: 1995 Topps - Hit List #1; 2000 Bowman Chrome - Ground Breakers #GB6

Here are a couple of nice Browns inserts with a similar theme of breaking a wall or the ground. Being a Chrome card, the Rhett card looks nicer in hand.

Top (l-r): 2000 Score #46; 2017 Donruss #314
Bottom: 2005 Leaf Rookies & Stars #98

I still find it odd to find two Browns on a set checklist. In a way I can understand Braylon Edwards on it, but Charlie Frye? Anyway, I'm happy it was made. More Browns for my collection.

Njoku made some nice catches last year. I expect him to take a step forward next year.

Paul also included a bunch of 2014 SA*GE HIT Low Series cards, including six of the Red parallels.

I like that the Red parallels are easy to spot, but I can't say that I'm thrilled with the red being like glitter that feels like it is going to come off if it is rubbed wrong.

Here are some of the better known names among the regular base cards included.

I really wanted the Browns to draft Watkins and Bridgewater at different times of the 2014 draft. I understood trading down to let Buffalo draft Watkins and getting their first round pick the following year, but I didn't like drafting Manziel when Bridgewater was still available. Oh, well, that ship has long sailed.

Thanks, Paul, for the cards, and for dealing with customs forms and extra costs to mail them north of the border!

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  1. DO NOT SEND ME MARLINS! lol Glad you like them. Its not much but a small thanks for the Secret Santa package a while back.