Wednesday 4 April 2018

2018 Topps Heritage - additional blaster

Okay, my box has been opened and blogged about in my last two posts. I like the set, but am not sure as to whether I want to even try to put it together as box prices have jumped. Then I see blaster boxes at the Wal-Mart in Ogdensburg when I went to pick up my mail last Monday. I picked one up and hoped I wouldn't get too many doubles. Let's see how it went.

Before starting on the blaster, lets take a look at the box-topper from my box.

Let's take a look at the 3-in-1 ad panel inside.

All right, Conforto as one of the players! Nice!

And on the back:

I guess it is a New York card.

So, the blaster says it has seven packs of nine cards, plus a bonus pack! Or, as it also says on the box, contains 72 cards, since that is what eight packs of nine cards comes to...  Aren't you the tricky ones, Topps!

Anyway, I figured that I would show any inserts and short prints that I pulled, as well as any of the remaining cards from the box that I needed.

In the eight packs, I found three short prints, and four inserts. I can honestly say that I was surprised that seven out of the eight packs had a 'special' card.

I'm happy to have pulled three short prints, but sadly all three are doubles from my box. I was very surprised at that.

I'm not going to complain about pulling a Johnny Bench insert. I loved watching The Baseball Bunch as a kid, but still preferred Gary Carter as a catcher.

When I pulled the Beatles insert in my box I said that there were News Flashbacks cards that I would have preferred instead, but that it was better than some others that I could have pulled. Honestly, I consider this one of the weaker ones for my interests. Oh, well.

I was surprised to pull a chrome refractor numbered out of 69. Not thrilled for it to be a National.

I'm glad to see Stanton out of the National League East. Pulling his decal in a Marlins uniform does nothing for me.

After pulling these seven cards, I sorted the remaining 65 cards into order so that I could compare them with the cards from my box that I had already sorted. I hoped that I wouldn't get too many doubles. Things went well for me there.

Here are the cards that I needed:

I thought the whole story with Donaldson whistling back at Daryl Boston was really overblown. I thought it was hilarious and loved that they showed Boston laughing at it in the dugout.

I opened the Game 1 card before the Game 2 card. This means that I had pulled all three Dodger wins before pulling an Astros one.

Although I'm not a Yankees fan, I was happy to see Sabathia re-sign with them. I thought he had a good year and didn't want to see him retire.

Finally came to a Met that I needed. It sounds like Conforto may return from the disabled list as early as tomorrow. Not bad considering they were expecting him to be out until May 1st.

Nice to a see a catcher in his gear.

So, I don't expect that you counted, but out of the 65 remaining cards in my blaster, I needed 63 of them! That was way more than I expected to see.

Not that I would expect to have that success again, but after doing so well I'll probably pick up another blaster if one is there the next time I go back to Wal-Mart on my next trip to pick up my mail.

Oh, for those curious, the two doubles that I got were Reynaldo Lopez and Jose Bautista.

With this done, I should be finished with baseball posts for a little while.


  1. Just found a blaster of this stuff on my trip down to Vegas. It'll be the first 2018 packs of the year for me. Super excited.

  2. Chrome refractors are always nice looking. I like this years Heritage, but just not enough Pirates in it to try and purchase a box.