Sunday 7 January 2018

Taught about a new set by an eight year old; Contest result; and Christmas packs 3-5

I've started a couple of different blog posts the last couple of days but find I'm still not in too much of a mood to write about my Browns so the posts were abandoned. I apologize that I didn't have my contest result post yesterday as I expected.

Looking for something else to write about, I thought about something that brought a smile to my face.

Just over a year ago, while visiting a good friend, his seven year old daughter was excited to show me her new card collection. There were some old hockey cards that belonged to her father in pages in a binder, as well as other assorted non-sport stuff that I don't remember. I think some of the cards came with toys that she was given and when she enjoyed them her father found his old cards. She was proud of her cards and I was told that she enjoyed pulling them out, sorting them into a new order that she determined, and putting them away again. (I really need to learn that part about putting them away again!)

She is a big fan of everything her father likes, including Star Wars, Lego, super-heroes and wrestling. Boy, does she like wrestling. I visit their house for the odd pay-per-view. She is allowed to stay up a little late and watch with us, and it is fun to watch a kid watching wrestling. I don't think that she has figured out yet that I always ask her who she is cheering for, and then coincidentally find myself cheering for the other person/tag team. (With the odd exception when I can't cheer against some of my own favorites like Chris Jericho.) She's loves the women wrestlers, and of course I gave her Women's Division cards for Christmas. (She pulled a mat relic, but from looking at the box wanted to know what a kiss card was. Now she really wants a kiss card!)

Anyway, last fall, when I went over to her house to give her a present for her eighth birthday, she had an interesting card to show me. Something that I had never seen or heard of. She discovered it at our airport, and when I arrived home from Arizona after Christmas I went looking to see if I could find my own copy. I found there were two versions, in both of Canada's official languages.
Airport trading cards!

Looking into it, they have a website, and according to a 2015 press release they had grown to over 60 participating airports. I'll have to see if I can grab the Phoenix one when I fly back there on Wednesday.

Here are the backs of both cards.
I found the cards at the information desk by the baggage carousel in the Ottawa airport. I notice the 2016 copyright on the bottom of this card, and on the website I see that there appear to be three versions for YOW cards. I wonder if they have versions for 2014 and 2015.

It was nice finding out about these from an eight year old. I know as a kid I would explore the information areas of airports while waiting for someone, always looking at pamphlets or maps that were available. I really don't do that anymore. I guess I use the internet to discover things when traveling. These YOW cards were easily accessible, and I can get more for people if they want copies. Just let me know.


On to the contest results for the near set of Phil Rizzuto's Baseball cards that I have. There were ten entrants, and I said that I would random the list off three times. Sadly, I haven't figured out how to do multiple randoms on (I think you have to pay for that), so I'm just doing it once. Sorry. Here is what came up:

There were 10 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Fuji
  2. Tony Burbs
  3. The Turrdog
  4. The Lost Collector
  5. Brett Alan
  6. arpsmith
  7. petethan
  8. Trevor P
  9. jasongerman9
  10. Mike Matson
So Fuji, just after you posted about some cards you received from me, expect another package in the mail shortly.

As for the other posters, I have extras of cards that you said you liked for most of you so if you send me your addresses I would be happy to send you that card (and maybe more if I have had things put aside for you already that I just haven't mailed). The two that missed out, however are The Lost Collector, as I only have singles of the inserts, and Trevor P, as I only have one extra Casey at the Bat and Turrdog replied with that card first. Can you guys look through the cards again and see if there is anything else that jumps out that I can send you if I have an extra? (And Trevor, I know I have stuff put aside for you so I definitely need an address from you.)


Moving on to the packs I received for Christmas. I'm going to open the three packs of 1988 Donruss that I was given.
Pack 1:
 Nice to see the Jack McDowell and Jay Buhner cards.
Stan Musial puzzle pieces 13-15
Nice scan, but I didn't feel like doing it again.

I was happy to see one of the MVP cards

Pack 2:
 It's repetitive but I love the Expos uniforms.

A couple of big hitters in Canseco and Winfield.
Stan Musial puzzle pieces 43-45
Can't complain about getting a Diamond King, or a Yount card, also a nice Coleman bunting card and Lee Smith. It was a pretty good pack.

Pack 3:
 It's weird seeing Madlock as a Tiger. I don't remember Shane Rawley being big enough to be a Diamond King, but that just might be me not paying too much attention to the Phillies.
Stan Musial puzzle piece 55-57
And another fine scan.

For some reason in high school, Dale Sveum was a favorite of mine. Nice to see two Mets in the pack, and Charlie Hough.

It was fun to open some of these cards.


  1. SumoMenkoMan has posted about the airport cards a couple of times. I don't know if he has any doubles, or if he would be interested in a trade.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I wasn't familiar with his blog then.

  2. I won a card off Listia that was from Lambert Airport in St. Louis. That's how I found out about airport cards. I never fly so I've never seen others, but I'll have to look into it more, maybe I might try to have friends who travel a lot grab some.

  3. Nice score on the airport trading cards! They are actually pretty tough to find...I'm at about 75% complete for the set, but the last few are super tough! I'm not sure if they are continuing the set in 2018....or if they printed anything new in 2017.

  4. First person I though of when I saw those airport cards was SumoMenkoMan. SJC (San Jose International) is suppose to have them, but the handful of times I asked for SMM they didn't have any. They didn't have any in Las Vegas either.

    P.S. Thanks for the contest! I'm off to a lucky 2018.

  5. You can give the Casey at the Bat card to Trevor. Thanks for the contest!