Wednesday 16 November 2016

Opening a Fairfield repack

While on my Arizona trip last month I decided to pick up a Fairfield football repack while in a Walgreen's. It promised 75 football cards plus 1 pack. The "Jumbo Box!" packaging also stated that "1:4 CONTAIN A HIT!"

I had no expectations when opening this. I figured it would be nice to get a couple of Browns cards, and I figured that the set may bring back some memories of old sets and players. Let's look at what I got!

2011 Topps #104 - Ndamukong Suh, Lions: This card was showing in the package window.
2000 Upper Deck #99 - Carnell Lake, Jaguars: I'll always think of him as a Steeler.
2006 Topps #63 - Jake Plummer, Broncos: The Snake! I'm sure lots of Jakes have that nickname.
2007 Score #136 - Josh Brown, Seahawks: I like Kicker cards.
1990 Fleer #296 - Steve McMichael, Bears: Future WCW wrestler.
1990 Pro Set #276 - Marion Butts, Chargers: Go ahead, Billy, laugh.
2011 Donruss Elite #21 - Cedric Benson, Bengals: Nice to get an Elite card.
1990 Fleer #145 - Louis Lipps, Steelers: Yep, this is a set I expected to see plenty of.
1993 Pro Set Power Update - Power Prospects Gold #PP29 - Wayne Simmons, Packers: And here is a set that I was surprised to see. Cool!

1989 Pro Set #552 - Clarence Verdin, Colts: A set that I liked. I loved the size of it!
1991 Pacific Flash Cards #82 - Blair Thomas, Jets: I probably should have shown the card back.
1990 Pro Set #118 - Ray Childress, Oilers: Pulls into a tie with 1990 Fleer at two cards.
1990 Pro Set #589 - Robert Massey, Saints: And, then pulls into the lead.
1995 Stadium Club #348 - Floyd Turner, Colts: Boring photo for a Wide Receiver.
1992 Pro Line Profiles #107 - Bernie Kosar, Browns: Yay! Browns card #1!
1992 Pro Line Profiles #483 - Earnest Byner, Redskins: Wow, a card I need for my collection! I never even thought to look in the various Profiles cards to see if players with a Browns past had cards in a Browns uniform. <Takes a look> And I see there is a second Byner to find, as well as autographs. Cool! And card back may say Redskins, but this is Browns card #2!
1990 Fleer #382 - Deion Sanders, Falcons: Cool, a Deion card! Oh, and 1990 Fleer catches up.
2008 Score #139 - Fred Taylor, Jaguars: Rushed for over 11,000 yards in his career.

1995 Upper Deck #174 - William Fuller, Eagles: Only MNF game I've been to was in Philly.
1989 Pro Set #240 - Scott Studwell, Vikings: Hey, Night Owl, not as good as Cockroft but not bad.
2008 SP Authentic #76 - Michael Turner, Falcons: Had some good seasons with the Falcons.
2008 Score Select #281 - Julian Peterson, Seahawks: Considering it is a parallel set, I like it.
1990 Score #442 - Jon Hand, Colts: I don't know if I bought more 1990 Score or Pro Line...
2011 Topps Rising Rookies #42 - Darren McFadden, Raiders: Great RB when healthy.
2012 Score #394 - Kevin Zeitler, Bengals: First round pick in his 5th year in Cincy.
1991 Pro Set - WLAF Insert #6 - Chan Gailey, Birmingham Fire: Has a crease running through it.
2014 Topps #347 - Tom Savage, Texans: Most recent card so far.

1995 SkyBox Premium #197 - Eric Zeier, Browns: Browns card #3! Started four games in the last season before the move to Baltimore.
1994 Upper Deck #217 - Alvin Harper, Cowboys: I remember him catching a playoff TD from Kosar for the Cowboys.
1989 Topps #15 - Mike Cofer, 49ers: Great, another Kicker! Sadly, a boring photo.
2012 Topps #151 - Mohamed Sanu, Bengals: Some people speculated Hue Jackson would try to bring him to Cleveland last off-season.
2013 Sage Hit #44 - Brad Sorenson, Southern Utah Thunderbirds: I had to look up his team name.
2011 Score #350 - Jordan Todman, Chargers: 2016 Week 9 Special Teams Player of the Week for the Colts.
2011 Score #373 - Prince Amukamara, Giants: Back-to-back 2011 Score rookie cards.
2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition #84: Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois Fighting Illini: Knew that team name. First round pick of the hated Steelers.
2008 Score #223 - Thomas Jones, Jets: J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS! Sorry, had to do it. Great chant.

2007 Upper Deck #121 - Deuce McAllister, Saints: Nice photo on this card.
2013 Topps #338 - Robert Griffin III, Redskins: Not a Browns card, no matter how many Browns lots on eBay try to throw his Redskins cards in.
2013 Topps #196 - Fred Jackson, Bills: A good action card ruined by me scanning it vertically.
2013 Topps #436 - Stevie Johnson, Bills: Back-to-back 2013 Topps Bills cards.
2013 Topps #394 - Lance Moore, Saints: His rookie card is with the Browns, although he never played for them.
2013 Topps #76 - Michael Vick, Eagles: Okay, 2013 Topps is running away with the set lead here.
2013 Topps #174 - BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Bengals: Great nickname, The Law Firm.
2013 Topps #238 - Jermaine Gresham, Bengals: Back-to-back Bengals, seven 2013 Topps in a row.
1990 Pro Set #359 - Warren Moon, Oilers: Saw him play in the CFL as a kid. Will 1990 Pro Set catch 2013 Topps?

Yeah, that scan is pretty straight!
2011 Panini Adrenalyn XL #159 - Tamba Hali, Chiefs: First game card.
2015 Panini Prizm #182 - Donte Moncrief, Colts: Now the newest card. Don't expect anything newer.
2010 Donruss Rated Rookies #35 - Ed Dickson, Ravens: Duck! (Oregon, that is.)
1985 Topps #26 - Dave Finzer, Bears: Hard to see in the scan that he's smiling for the photo.
1982 Fleer Team Action #62 - Super Bowl VI: Oldest card in the repack. I like these sets.
1990 Pro Set #689 - Eric Green, Steelers: 1990 Pro Set making its run!
1990 Topps - Disclaimer Back #415 - Winston Moss, Buccaneers: I remember him as a Raider.
1991 Pro Set #654 - Jerry Rice, 49ers: He's celebrating. There is a ball behind the Pro Set logo.
2007 Topps Total #480 - Robert Meachem, Saints: I love and miss Topps Total!

1991 Wild Card #34 - Dan McGwire, Seahawks: Aztec, brother of Mark, QB drafted ahead of Brett Favre. So much was expected of him.
1990 Pro Set #683 - Lamar Lathon, Oilers: Only one behind 2013 Topps now. (No, not Topps Now.)
2011 Topps #139 - James Jones, Packers: There are four football players named James Jones with cards. One is a Brown, but not this one.
2011 Topps #24 - Jake Long, Dolphins: Injuries derailed a promising start to his career.
1990 Pro Set #735 - Willis Peguese, Oilers: I know nothing of this player, but he pulls his set into a tie for the set lead.
1991 Score #147 - Willie Gault, Raiders: Would have been on the 1980 Olympic team if the USA didn't boycott.
2009 Score #19 - Demetrius Williams, Ravens: Duck! (And both with the Ravens.)
2004 Fleer Tradition #270 - Will Allen, Giants: Another set that I really like. Love the cardboard.
1996 Topps #2 - Kevin Greene, Steelers: A set that I didn't even look at when it came out after the Browns move.

1989 Pro Set - Super Bowl Logos #XI: Never had to worry about finding a Browns one. Sigh.
1991 Pro Set #133 - Ken Norton, Cowboys: Son of the boxer.
1991 Pro Set #189 - Marty Schottenheimer, Chiefs: I have a soft spot for the former Browns coach.
2011 Panini Adenalyn XL #7 - Paris Lenon, Cardinals: Ummm, I really don't remember him.
2008 Score - Super Bowl XLIII #56 - Jason McKie, Bears: Okay, this is cool. It is from a factory set sold at the Super Bowl. Of course six different Super Bowl XLIII factory sets were made, all of different scarcity. I'll have a blog post on that later after an eBay win shows up.
1991 Score Pinnacle #184 - Anthony Miller, Chargers: A set that I liked when it came out.
2012 Leaf Young Stars #21 - Coby Fleener, Stanford Cardinal: Surprised at how few college cards were in here.
1991 Pacific #17 - Andre Rison, Falcons: I wish he had never signed in Cleveland. Modell had to take a bank loan to sign him. Do you think that helped trigger the move to Baltimore? Oh, and I miss Pacific too!
1990 Pro Set - Super Bowl Theme Art #5 - Super Bowl V: 1990 Pro Set stepping it up with an insert!

2007 SP Authentic #27 - Deuce McAllister, Saints: A second Deuce!
2013 Topps #43 - Mike Glennon, Buccaneers: A valiant effort by 2013 Topps.
2011 Panini Threads #35 - Colt McCoy, Browns: Browns card #4! I own a McCoy Browns jersey.
1990 Pro Set #252 - Reggie White, Eagles: Wait a sec! This is card #76. 1990 Pro Set has stacked the deck! I hope the 76th card isn't considered to be a hit. Nah, they wouldn't do that. I'll just take it as a bonus.

Oh, and there is a sealed pack in here, any guesses?









Now, that's comedy!

I'm not saying that this repack was rigged, but there was no way that 1990 Pro Set was going to lose at having the most cards in here. And, no, I haven't opened the pack. Maybe some other time.

And, this took way more time than I thought it would. I guess next time I don't list each card.


  1. It might have taken a while to draft, but I sure did enjoy the running commentary with this repack. Fairfields are always good for scratching a quick cardboard itch.

  2. I always enjoy opening repacks like this when I have a chance. I typically go for the baseball ones as there's a Walgreens down the street from me that has a decent selection of them. I did see a hockey one randomly in my local Target that I might have to try my luck on. I also enjoyed your running commentary and it was nice to see the contents of these from another sport.

  3. I think that Prince Amukamara rookie is a photo variation. I could be wrong, but it definitely looks different from mine.

    Also, I may be the world's only Brad Sorensen collector. Just sayin'...

    1. I wouldn't have noticed that about the Amukamara card. It turns out it is the Factory Set Update. I'm sure someone will want it.

      As for the Sorensen, LOL, it is yours if you want it. I know I've got some Packers stuff you might like as well. I've been meaning to send you an email.

  4. I did laugh, but not just at Butts. The running commentary was great! Please do more like this. Don't be too surprised if I steal your idea someday!

  5. Nice write up! I just can't bring myself to buy the repacks. Every time I'm in Target I stare at them, but always pass.

    1. I really haven't bought this type of repack before. When I have bought any before they have been the assorted packs of cards repacks. I just bought this one for something to open, and frankly because I knew I could get a cheap post out of it. I really didn't expect to get anything for my collection, which I did. I hoped to get some traders for others, which it looks like I did as well.

      And since people seemed to like it, and the running commentary, I will probably wind up doing it again at some point. Maybe I'll do one for a different sport, knowing that I won't be collecting them, but maybe sparking some interesting commentary from me.