Tuesday 25 October 2016

My first booklet cards

Last week I received another one of those phone calls from a local card store asking if I could swing by and that there were some cards that they wanted to show me. That is usually a good sign that some interesting cards are waiting for me. I wasn't disappointed.

There was a small stack of cards that was mostly inserts and parallels, but two large cardholders stuck out from under the pile. I was intrigued. When I looked, they were holders that were designed to hold open booklet cards, and there were two booklet cards there waiting for me to look at.

2010 Topps Triple Thread - Relic Double Combos Sepia #TTRDC-9  (#/27)

This is a really nice card that came displayed folded open like this in a magnetic card holder. I guess I didn't really even know they made holders like that.

When I saw the card, I was worried about what the cost was going to be to get a Montario Hardesty card, but luckily none of the players here are major stars. The price I was given was very reasonable.

Actually, when I heard the price for the two booklets, I pretty much counted the above card as being worth that amount and the following card as being a throw-in.

2015 Panini Playbook #83  (#/199)

Hey, another Vince Mayle card! I'm very happy to get this card, because, as I said, before this purchase I didn't own any booklet cards. It is something new and different. Besides, I'm trying to collect any Browns card that I don't have so I'll be collecting Mayle cards for a long time.

It's a busy day, so I won't show too many of the cards that I picked up, but here are a couple of other hits from the local card store.

2014 Panini Certified - New Generation Materials #NG-TW  (#/599)
Does it always seem to be the same old faces in these cards?

How about this guy, anyone remember him?

2015 Panini Prestige - Xtra Points Platinum #70  (#/25)
This card would have been way more expensive a year ago. I don't know why, but I really consider cards numbered 25 and under to be special. It is arbitrary to use that number, but it just always feels good to get one with that short a print run.

Oh, and if I think that I will be chasing Mayle cards forever, well there are a lot more Manziels to find.

Anyway, it will be interesting going out to trivia tonight with Game 1 on, and knowing that I will have Leaf fans wanting to have their game on more screens than the baseball. Although, I know that when the late Senators/Canucks game starts, the bar has to put most of the screens onto the Senators game. Ah, well, as long as the one near me still has the baseball game.

It isn't strange that most people that only know me a little know that I'm a Browns fan. I often wear a Browns coat when I need one, and I have a Browns license plate holder around the rear plate on my car. But those people that just know me as being that Browns fan just seem to assume that I like Cleveland in all sports. I really got a lot of that during last year's NBA Finals. And I really don't like the Cavs.

The Indians, however, I've often had a soft spot for, just as with the Cubs. And I have a few good friends that cheer for each team. I think I just want to see a good baseball series, and will have to be happy that one of the longest championship droughts in professional sports is going to end no matter who wins. Let's finish off the season with some good baseball! (Please, distract me from my Browns!)


  1. Congrats. I've wanted a book card for a long time. I really like the top one.

  2. I really dig the Panini Playbook Mayle, really a nice looking card.