Tuesday 11 October 2016

Box break - 2016 Panini Classics Football

Knowing that I had some birthday money coming, and seeing a decent deal, I decided to buy myself a box of this year's Panini Classics football. I had already shown a few of the Browns cards that I had purchased from a local card store, but I do like opening a box now and since I liked the cards I figured it would be a fun box to open.

On the box it said that it contained 14 packs of 10 cards, with one autograph in each box.

Let's take a look at some of what I got. The packs got mixed up a bit so they won't be in the order that I pulled them from the box, but the cards are correct from each pack.

Pack 1:

99 Latavius Murray - Raiders
90 Le'Veon Bell - Steelers
82 Jordy Nelson - Packers
75 Marcus Mariota - Titans
69 Jamaal Charles - Chiefs
Monday Night Heroes 16 Matthew Stafford - Lions
274 Jacoby Brissett - NC State University (Rookie - drafted by Patriots)
164 Sonny Jurgensen - Redskins (Legends)
160 Cris Collinsworth - Bengals (Legends)
157 John Elway - Broncos (Legends)

The Brisset card back is the regular back. As you'll see later there are different back parallels.

Pack 2:

18 Jarvis Landry - Dolphins
8 Lamar Miller - Dolphins
98 Dez Bryant - Cowboys
89 Derek Carr - Raiders
Timeless Tributes Silver 13 Todd Gurley - Rams (06/25)
Next Level 18 Antonio Brown - Central Michigan on front of card / Steelers on back
263 Wendell Smallwood - West Virginia (Rookie - drafted by Eagles)
198 Bruce Smith - Bills (Legends)
189 Marshall Faulk - Rams (Legends)
181 Robert Brooks - Packers (Legends)

The back of the Next Level Antonio Brown card

Pack 3:

64 Ameer Abdullah - Lions
60 Jeremy Hill - Bengals
57 Mike Evans - Buccaneers
27 Greg Olsen - Panthers
Classic Moments 7 Malcolm Butler - Patriots
Record Breakers 1 Thurman Thomas - Bills
268 Carson Wentz - North Dakota State (Rookie - drafted by Eagles)
127 Joe Montana - 49ers (Legends)
118 Andre Reed - Bills (Legends)
108 Aeneas Williams - Rams (Legends)

With these cards, I'm not sure that I like the Record Breakers being team record holders, and I tend to think of Aeneas Williams as a Cardinal.

I do like the backs for the inserts. Good write-ups for the cards.

Pack 4:

7 Cam Newton - Panthers
97 Drew Brees - Saints
88 Tony Romo - Cowboys
80 Ben Roethlisberger - Steelers
Team Tributes 11 - 2015 Green Bay Packers
Red Back 23 Kenny Britt - Rams
226 Adolphus Washington - Ohio State (Rookie drafted by Bills)
117 Dermontti Dawson - Steelers (Legends)
107 Jim Plunkett - Raiders (Legends)
197 Kellen Winslow - Chargers (Legends)

I'm sure the Buckeye fans love that the card actually says "The Ohio State University".

As much as I complain about parallels, at least the different color back is easy to identify. I like that.

Pack 5:

59 Alex Smith - Chiefs
34 Matt Forte - Bears
26 Julian Edelman - Patriots
17 Jonathan Stewart - Panthers
Glossy 116 Herman Edwards - Eagles (Legends)
Glossy 64 Ameer Abdullah - Lions
234 Jeremy Cash - Duke (Rookie, UFA signed by Panthers)
159 Lenny Moore - Colts (Legends)
134 Forrest Gregg - Packers (Legends)
126 Ickey Woods - Bengals (Legends)

Again, happy to see the "Glossy" marked on the front of the parallel.

Pack 6:

81 Marshawn Lynch - Seahawks
74 Calvin Johnson - Lions
68 Rashad Jennings - Giants
63 Richard Sherman - Seahawks
Instant Classics Ink IC-JH Jack Ham - Steelers (03/25)
Glossy 219 Nate Sudfeld - Indiana (Rookie drafted by Redskins)
259 Paxton Lynch - Memphis (Rookie drafted by Broncos)
174 Fred Biletnikoff - Raiders (Legends)
168 Bob Lilly - Cowboys (Legends)
163 Steve Largent - Seahawks (Legends)

A Seahawks hot-pack, with a Steelers Hall of Famer.

As a Browns fan, I hate the Steelers, but I have to respect Jack Ham's career. He has a nice signature, too bad it is a sticker auto. A pretty good pull.

Pack 7:

11 Philip Rivers - Chargers
10 Jason Witten - Cowboys
100 Antonio Brown - Steelers
91 Jimmy Graham - Seahawks
83 J.J. Watt - Texans
Glossy 60 Jeremy Hill - Bengals
298 Connor Cook - Michigan State (Rookie drafted by Raiders)
158 Bob Griese - Dolphins (Legends)
156 James Lofton - Bills (Legends)
119 LaDainian Tomlinson - Chargers (Legends)

Pack 8:

41 Carson Palmer - Cardinals
35 DeAndre Hopkins - Texans
28 Kirk Cousins - Redskins
20 Sam Bradford - Eagles
Classic Clashes 8 Russell Wilson / Peyton Manning - Seahawks / Broncos
Glossy 209 Myles Jack - California (Rookie drafted by Jaguars)
208 Brandon Allen - Arkansas (Rookie drafted by Jaguars)
170 Curtis Martin - Patriots (Legends)
165 Warren Moon - Oilers (Legends)
161 Raymond Berry - Colts (Legends)

I wish that the Legends backs had more than career totals. I also wish that they mentioned all the teams that the player played for with the years.

Pack 9:

55 Allen Robinson - Jaguars
53 Anquan Boldin - 49ers
50 Andy Dalton - Bengals
46 Chris Ivory - Jets
Timeless Tributes Bronze 254 Karl Joseph - West Virginia (Rookie drafted by Raiders) (1/99)
Next Level 15 Bo Jackson - Auburn on front of card / Raiders on back
218 Brandon Doughty - Western Kentucky (Rookie drafted by Dolphins)
191 Rod Smith - Broncos (Legends)
183 Ted Hendricks - Raiders (Legends)
176 Jerry Rice - 49ers (Legends)

Pack 10:

21 Melvin Gordon - Chargers
12 Justin Forsett - Ravens
2 Joe Flacco - Ravens
92 Teddy Bridgewater - Vikings
Glossy 106 Harold Carmichael - Eagles
Record Breakers 4 Peyton Manning - Broncos
227 Kolby Listenbee - TCU (Rookie drafted by Bills)
101 Michael Strahan - Giants (Legends)
110 Carl Eller - Vikings (Legends)
200 Darrell Green - Redskins (Legends)

This Record Breaker is a career one. Much better than the team record.

Pack 11:

47 Doug Martin - Buccaneers
42 Gary Barnidge - Browns
36 Ryan Fitzpatrick - Jets
29 Peyton Manning - Broncos
Classic Moments 5 Franco Harris - Steelers
Monday Night Heroes 14 Jay Cutler - Bears
257 Leonard Floyd - Georgia (Rookie drafted by Bears)
128 Antonio Freeman - Packers (Legends)
120 Champ Bailey - Broncos (Legends)
111 Mike Ditka - Bears (Legends)

I finally pulled a Brown, but I've shown it already in a previous post.

I believe Raiders fans will refer to that classic moment as the Immaculate Deception.

Pack 12:

73 Josh Norman - Panthers
67 Matt Ryan - Falcons
62 Aaron Rodgers - Packers
40 Jordan Matthews - Eagles
Team Tributes 4 - 1992 Dallas Cowboys
Red Back 244 Joey Bosa - Ohio State (Rookie drafted by Chargers)
217 Kevin Hogan - Stanford (Rookie drafted by Chiefs)
188 Brian Urlacher - Bears (Legends)
180 Dan Hampton - Bears (Legends)
173 Steve Young - 49ers (Legends)

Okay, Hogan was released by the Chiefs after training camp and signed by the Browns to their practice squad. Today he was just activated by the Browns to their main roster. I figure he probably has a good chance of seeing the field at some point this season. Usually I only collect college uniform cards of players drafted by the Browns or signed as UFAs. Should I include this Hogan card in my Browns collection? (I'm leaning to yes.)

Pack 13:

58 Eli Manning - Giants
56 Brandon Marshall - Jets
19 Brandin Cooks - Saints
9 Mark Ingram - Saints
Blank Backs NNO Charles Hailey - Cowboys (Legends)
Red Backs 142 Don Majkowski - Packers (Legends)
281 Malcolm Mitchell - Georgia (Rookie drafted by Patriots)
182 Dwight Clark - 49ers (Legends)
175 Warren Sapp - Buccaneers (Legends)
169 Marcus Allen - Raiders (Legends)

Not really a blank back, but I like the simple logo on the card.

Pack 14:

76 LeSean McCoy - Bills
70 A.J. Green - Bengals
65 Allen Hurns - Jaguars
61 Larry Fitzgerald - Cardinals
Future Legends 8 Stefon Diggs - Vikings
Variation 78 Odell Beckham Jr. - Giants
289 Reggie Ragland - Alabama (Rookie drafted by Bills)
109 Kurt Warner - Rams (Legends)
199 Michael Irvin - Cowboys (Legends)
190 Dan Marino - Dolphins (Legends)

The easy way to tell the variations of the base set is to look at the back of the cards. The black on the banner up top is not faded like you see in the rest of the set, it is more solidly black. Or you could look at online checklists and variation guides.

Looking at the box, only one Brown is a disappointment to me. I was hoping for one of the Browns parallels, or the missing base card Brown that I needed (Crowell) which I'm sure will be pretty easy to get. But let's look at the numbers:

Base cards (1-200 which includes Legends): 100/200
Rookie cards (201-300, one per pack): 14/100

Base variations: 1/40

Glossy: 6/300 (2 were rookies)
Blank Backs: 1/300
Red Backs: 3/300 (1 rookie)
Timeless Tributes Bronze: 1/300 rookie)
Timeless Tributes Silver: 1/300

Classic Clashes: 1/20
Classic Moments: 2/20
Future Legends: 1/20
Monday Night Heroes: 2/25
Next Level: 2/30
Record Breakers: 2/30
Team Tributes: 2/15
Instant Classics Ink: 1/30

And a bunch of other inserts and parallels: 0 of whatever

All in all, I am happy with my box. I've seen that Dave and Adam's have boxes on sale for $36.95. It is tempting to buy another box but with the rookies falling one per pack that still wouldn't allow me to come close to completing the set so I probably won't pick one up. I do like the cards though.


  1. Nice break, that looks like a pretty fun product. The Jack Ham auto is cool and I really like the Ickey Woods legend last card. Some of the other legends cards like Ditka and Biletnikoff are pretty neat as well.

    1. *legends card ... not legends last card.

  2. I'm a big fan of this year's Classics and that price point is pretty solid. The one box I opened had a redemption auto for rookie Leonard Floyd of the Bears so I won't seeing that card any time soon. My box also had a prime patch of Rod Woodson to make up for the redemption.

    I'm tempted to buy another box since they are still under $40

  3. You've shown more WVU cards the past couple days than I have in the past month!

  4. Nice looking set. Panini has really been issuing nice stuff lately.

  5. Are you trading any of the cards from this box? I am interested in the Steelers cards you shared.