Sunday 18 October 2015

What a week!

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to New York last weekend, and fit a lot into a short time. I tried creating a post with my tablet, taking photos that will show up here, but wasn't able to get the photos to import into the post.

Last Friday I drove to a friend's house in Union, New Jersey to park my car before taking the train in to NYC. On the way I stopped at LJ's Sports Cards in Binghamton and spent about an hour going through boxes of football cards.
2000 Topps Collection Browns
I found these cards to complete my 2000 Topps Collection team set. I already had three cards from this set that I think I pulled from a Browns team section at LJ's the previous time I was there.
The great thing about card collecting is getting cards of players like Jamir Miller and Wali Rainer that I normally wouldn't think about when I think of years past.
Upon arriving at another friend's place, that I was staying at in NYC, we then left for dinner and then to go out to Marquee. I really don't go to clubs that often but I don't think I've been anywhere that has the same atmosphere as New York clubs. Being old, I really don't understand just how many people are pulling out their phones and tablets to take photos and record the happenings. I don't think that I would have wanted photographic reminders (or evidence) of when I went out in my early 20s.
Saturday, I woke up and went to New York Comic-Con for the day. I found some cards to buy when I stopped by Jimmy Palmiotti's table in artist's alley. He was selling a card set featuring covers from his books. All of the art is by Amanda Conner & Paul Mounts, except for the Painkiller Jane cover sitting on the plane, which is Amanda Conner & Dave Johnson.
Top (l-r): Denver, Tattered Man
Middle: Retrovirus in middle, flanked by 2 Painkiller Jane covers
Bottom (l-r): Weapon of God, The Big Con Job

I love Jimmy and Amanda's work, and posted these safe covers from the 20 card set (19 cover cards, and 1 card autographed by Jimmy and Amanda). Their work can be found at the PaperFilms website.
After the show, and after dinner, I went to The Playwright Irish Pub on West 35th Street to cheer on the Mets with members of The 7 Line Army. I was truly among the right people to watch the game as at home none of my friends would have cared about that ugly Chase Utley tackle slide. But enough about that.
Browns fan that I am, I had to find somewhere to watch them play in Baltimore on Sunday. For the first time I had the opportunity to join the Union Square Browns Backers at Brother Jimmy's BBQ by Union Square.
Logo from Browns Backers t-shirt I bought
They had the basement room at Brother Jimmy's with about 12 TVs and a couple of hundred Browns fans cheering on the upset win in Baltimore. Gary Barnidge's amazing touchdown catch was definitely the play of the day!

 I really wish that I had some Gary Barnidge cards to show, but he has only had cards issued during his 2008 rookie season with Carolina. Hopefully one of the late season football sets will remedy the situation.
After the game I left the restaurant and walked down Park Avenue to Grand Central, and the Library, and then on to Times Square. While there I passed by the TKTS booth, and decided to go see a show. I don't know how many people attend Broadway shows in football jerseys, but my Ozzie Newsome jersey was a conversation starter before and during the intermission of The Jersey Boys show that I attended.
Monday was why I travelled to NYC. My first ball game in New York.
What a beautiful day!
Had to track down my hero's banner.
As expected, since you know the results, I really enjoyed Game 3, it was truly a
On Tuesday I drove home, and since the timing worked so well, I stopped at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Watertown to watch Game 4. I'm sure that Night Owl enjoyed that game, but I probably should have just continued on for that last two hours without stopping.
I'll just share one last photo that I tried to post while in New York:
2001 Topps Archives Hall of Famers that I needed found at LJ's.
I brought a couple of envelopes of cards to mail while I was on my trip but didn't get to it. They will probably have to wait until next weekend when I drive down to Ogdensburg again.

Setting this up was rather slow going as I was doing it while watching Game 1 against the Cubs. Woo hoo! A good start!

Hopefully Sunday will be twice as good with the Browns vs. Denver, and the Mets vs. Cubs!


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