Saturday 24 October 2015

Filling some 90s holes in the collection

Once again another week has passed without a post. So we'll fix that with a quick post of some cards from Sportlots and eBay that I picked up in my mailbox this morning.

First up is a 1995 parallel team set from Topps. I already owned the regular team set (I still need the two Browns "Hit List" insert cards), and the parallel version from the Jacksonville Jaguars inaugural season factory set, but I didn't own any of the Panthers set. After finding a seller with all the Browns cards on Sportlots I decided to place an order.

Leroy Hoard was a favorite player, and I love the two horizontal shots above.

 Everitt and Turner were both favorites of mine as well.
I actually bought a copy of the Jaguars factory set to get the team set of it, and have passed on a couple of teams to other friends, but if anyone is interested in their team's cards just ask to see if I still have them.
The same seller also had the top two cards from the photo below. I'm slowly gathering old Wild Card Stripe cards when I see them for an acceptable price. From this set, for Michael Jackson, I now have the 5, 20 and 1000 Stripe. It is the only 1000 Stripe card that I own.
The bottom three are not cards, but are magnets from 1995 made by Chris Martin Enterprises, Inc. The logo in the top corner of each one says "Pro Magnets". The funny thing about them is that I bought a pack of these football magnets when they came out (no Browns) and put the magnets on my mom's fridge. They are still there.
Skipping a few year, I also picked up the following cards from the Browns comeback in 1999.

Darrin Chiaverini was a 5th Round Draft Pick by the Browns in 1999, and had a very good rookie year with 44 receptions, 487 yards and 4 touchdowns. He had more competition at the receiver spot, as well as a knee injury in 2000, and was then traded to Dallas in the summer of 2001. He is currently on the coaching staff of the Texas Tech Red Raiders.
According to my collection list on The Trading Card Database, I now own 33 different Darrin Chiaverini cards.
The last card I picked up today escapes from the 90s.  
2012 Topps Chrome Blue Wave Refractor BW-23

I don't think the scan does the card justice. I know that Trent Richardson worked out for the Bills earlier this month without being signed. I hope, if he still wants to play, that he eventually gets his career on track.
Tomorrow, while watching the Browns play in St. Louis, as part of a contest at Off Hiatus Baseball Cards, I'm going to tell a fun card convention story. See you then!

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