Monday 10 October 2022

Baseball Box Break - 1992 Panini Stickers Canadian - Part 4

Here are packs 16 - 20 from the box.  (Had to edit it from saying 16 - 29. Don't know how I missed that before.)

Pack 16:

61 Greg Briley - Mariners
68 Cal Ripken - Orioles
252 Orlando Merced - Pirates
77 Dean Palmer - Rangers
215 Jose Uribe - Giants
230 San Diego Padres team logo foil

Okay, that isn't fair. As a Mets fan, to get the Padres logo in the first pack today. Didn't need that salt in the wound.

Nice to see a Cal Ripken sticker.

Pack 17:

82 Randy Johnson - Mariners
246 Dale Murphy - Phillies
253 Jose Lind - Pirates
259 Doug Drabek - Pirates
216 Kevin Bass - Giants
240 Philadelphia Phillies team logo foil

Oh, okay, I see how this is going to be. Since I complained about the Padres, they decided to give me the Phillies next. So appreciated...

I remember listening to the Expos on the radio when Randy Johnson was pitching for them.

Pack 18:

255 Jay Bell - Pirates
247 Lenny Dykstra - Phillies
208 Ivan Calderon - Expos
246 Dale Murphy - Phillies
74 Ivan Rodriguez - Rangers
1 Panini Baseball '92 logo foil

Normally I would be upset at getting the set logo in this pack, but after the last two team logos, I'm good with it.

Until I saw the sticker, I didn't remember Ivan Calderon playing for the Expos.

Pack 19:

49 Mark Whiten - Indians
247 Lenny Dykstra - Phillies
74 Ivan Rodriguez - Rangers
258 Barry Bonds - Pirates
34 B.J. Surhoff - Brewers
3 MLBPA logo foil

Two of my favorite catchers of the time in Pudge and Surhoff.

Pack 20:

48 Felix Fermin - Indians
248 Von Hayes - Phillies
75 Rafael Palmeiro - Rangers
257 Andy Van Slyke - Pirates
31 Candy Maldonado - Blue Jays
113 Detroit Tigers team logo foil


  1. As a Ripken fan/ collector, I have to say I have never seen that sticker of him.

  2. Even in foil form, I feel like we were ripped off as kids with the inclusion of that MLBPA logo. And if memory serves, that was oft pulled sticker too. How was a 7-10 year-old supposed to find a willing trade partner for that one!