Monday 17 June 2019

Sportlots purchase

In early May, COMC had their annual Spring sale. I looked at the various Browns cards being offered, looking for inexpensive cards, especially from 2018 sets. Thinking that the deals weren't really as nice I was hoping for, I decided to take a look at Sportlots and found one seller (cogrinch) that seemed to have a bunch of 2018 Browns cards that I wanted.

Looking through his inventory, I managed to put together a forty card shipment that came to $17.27 with shipping.

Top: 2004 SkyBox LE #25 FL
Bottom: 2004 Upper Deck Diamond Collection All-Star Lineup - Silver Honors #108

These two cards jumped Luke McCown up over the fifty card mark in my collection.

L-R: 2005 Donruss Thowback Threads #35; 2005 Leaf Certified Materials #29

I'm not going to say that Kellen Winslow's convictions are going to stop me from buying his Browns cards that I need, but they definitely won't be much of a priority and I won't really overpay for them. It sounds like he was a bit of a freak, and I completely agree with his teammates that didn't want to room with him.

2005 Leaf Rookies & Stars #258 (#/750)

This was the only "hit" in my purchase, and it tied for the most expensive card in my purchase at one dollar.

Top: 2005 Leaf Rookies & Stars Longevity #23
Bottom: 2005 Playoff Contenders - Round Numbers Green #RN13 (#/1000)

I could have shown the back of the Contenders card since it had two other players on it - Mike Williams of the Lions and Matt Jones of the Jaguars.

When I opened my order and saw the front of the Contenders card, I thought that I had accidentally ordered a card that I already owned. As it turned out, I did have the Green version of card #RN4, which has the same front but has write-ups on both players on the back, and is numbered out of 1500.

L-R: 2015 Topps Chrome Mini - Green Refractors #131; 2015 Topps Fire - Rookies #7

It feels like I hadn't added a Vince Mayle card to my collection in a while. I had already owned the Silver parallel of the Rookies card but needed the base version.

L-R: 2015 Topps Take it to the House #21 and #36

I had never even heard of this set before, but as it turns out these are the only two Browns cards in the set. Or rather, for the base set...there are autograph versions for each player as well.

Looking up information about the 100 card set, it looks like it came in promo packs that you got for buying $20 worth of 2015 Topps football at participating hobby stores between August 26 and September 8. This purchase gave you a redemption for a five card Take it to the House pack that had to be redeemed between September 9 and 20.

I guess that the promotion would be good to get people to go back to their local stores, but I don't think that I would have been a fan of having to do that.

L-R: 2017 Panini Unparalleled - Pink #44; 2018 Panini Certified - Certified Seal of Approval #21

Oh, how I love the parallels in a set called Unparalleled.

I like the Certified Seal of Approval insert card, and think that it is a good photo of Jarvis Landry. I'm happy to pick it up for a quarter.

Top (l-r): 2018 Donruss #28 and #66
Bottom (l-r): 2018 Donruss #69 and #71

I bought a fair bit of 2018 Donruss and really didn't do well at getting Browns cards. I was happy to finally get the Joe Thomas base card.

Even with the purchases in this Sportlots order, I still need the base card of Ozzie Newsome, and rookie cards of Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb and Denzel Ward.

Top (l-r): 2018 Donruss #72 and #165
Bottom: 2018 Donruss - Glory #G-10

The Glory insert set surprised me. It is a ten card insert set that has two Browns in it, this Jarvis Landry card, and a Joe Thomas card that I had previously picked up. It really seems unusual to me that a team coming off of a winless season would get two cards out of ten in a non-rookie card insert set.

It is too bad that they used the same photo on the insert card as they used on the base card.

Top (l-r): 2018 Panini Contenders #76; 2018 Panini Contenders - Round Numbers #RNA-WA
Bottom: 2018 Panini Contenders Draft Picks #17

I like the dog (or should I use dawg?) logo that Panini chose to use as the logo for the bottom right of the Contenders card. It is taken from the logo that the team uses for the Dawg Pound. The team logo is the logo used near the top of the card above the words "Season Ticket".

It seems that I wind up picking up Charles White cards as more of an afterthought than actually looking for them. As I went through the seller's inventory, I noticed White's name and remembered that I should buy the card of the former Heisman winner/Browns draft pick.

Top (l-r): 2018 Panini Phoenix #141 and #182
Bottom (l-r): 2018 Panini Prizm #270; 2018 Panini Rookies & Stars #180

I have really liked the Panini Phoenix cards over the three years that they have been offered.

This scan shows the start of six Antonio Callaway cards that I picked up. They joined the Donruss Rated Rookie that I had previously owned.

It will be interesting to see what sort of numbers that Callaway puts up in a receiving corps with Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry. With his speed, he will definitely be a deep threat, and I'm sure will have some long touchdowns over the season.

Top (l-r): 2018 Panini Select #29 and #31
Bottom (l-r): 2018 Panini Select - Sensations #SE-11; - Sensations Prizm #SE-11

The Prizm cards really stand out in the scans. I like that I was able to get both the regular and Prizm of the Sensations insert card.

Top: 2018 Panini Select - Silver Prizm #31
Bottom: 2018 Panini Select - Snapshots Prizm #SN-12

The Silver Prizm Denzel Ward card was tied for the most expensive card in this purchase at one dollar. Had you shown me both of these cards and asked me to guess which I paid more for, I probably would have guessed the Snapshot insert Prizm card. It is one of my favorite cards from this purchase.

Top (l-r): 2018 Panini Unparalleled #48; 2018 Panini Unparalleled - Flight #48
Bottom (l-r): 2018 Panini Unparalleled - Flight #296 and Flight #47

The two Dan Vitale cards pull him off the list of players that I only have one card of.

These Flight parallels double the total that I own. Four more to go.

Top (l-r): 2018 Panini XR #106 and #134
Bottom: 2018 Panini XR #149

It was nice to get the three regular rookie cards from this set. I'm still missing the Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb rookie cards, but they are autographed memorabilia cards that are serial numbered out of 25 and 50, so they might be more difficult to acquire. Definitely more expensive!

The funny thing is that the seller had these rookie cards but didn't seem to have the base veteran cards. I'm sure they'll turn up at some point.

I was happy with this Sportlots shipment. It was just too bad that it had to sit in my PO Box for so long before my friend was able to get my mail for me.


  1. Sportlots is one of my favorite places to shop for cards. I'm just bummed that I have to pay 9% tax on my COMC credit.

  2. It's probably different for a team collector, but as a collector of random stuff, I don't think going forward that I could ever pay for, or even own, a KWJ card.

  3. I've gotten some good deals at Sportslots as well. Re the Winslow card, I understand how you feel. That's the trouble with collecting guys that are still alive, a crime, or scandal could always potentially raise its head. I'm putting together a '73 Topps football set, and I agonized about getting the O.J. card. I finally did, as I want a complete set, but it is, and will be, the only Simpson card in my collection.