Tuesday 26 April 2016

Additions to Starting Lineup

Since a previous post showing the Browns Starting Lineup figures that I owned, I have added two more to my collection, and also noticed that I had previously shown the 1989 Bernie Kosar figure as a 1990 one, which has since been edited in the previous post.

1990 Eric Metcalf

1990 Bernie Kosar - white uniform

The Kosar box is pretty beat up (and was advertised as such), and the cards are sliding out of their bubbles on the packaging, but I won it for a good price. If I find another in better shape at a good price I'll probably buy it to keep sealed and open this one to display Bernie and add the cards to my collection.

It is crazy to see the asking prices on eBay right now for some of the older figures. Well, they can ask what they want, it doesn't mean they'll sell. I guess I'll just have to keep checking to see if any pop up at better prices. Looking at some of the completed sales, I really missed out on a few a while back. I wish I had been watching then.

I really haven't bought much lately, partly from being really busy, and partly to let the wallet recover from the purchases I made in Arizona last month. And the other big thing that I have to do is reorganize my collection after moving everything to make sure they weren't near the leak from the broken water pipe.

My collection is scattered, and I'm not sure if I've mixed cards meant for my collection with some of the doubles. I'm going to have to take the time, and compare cards with the collection in the binders. I'll have fun doing it, but it will take time, which I have to find.


  1. Some of those early Starting Lineups are pretty rare, especially the 1989 issues...I've always been a fan of SLUs.

  2. I too am a big fan of SLU's! For years, I was a fan of the figures. Now I actually pay more attention the the cards. Huge fan of the 1988 designs.