Wednesday 10 February 2016

Wallet Card Wednesday - 5

The first two photos this week are a result of a local card show that I went to before the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Here my wallet card poses with a Cleveland Browns pennant that I was given as a gift by one of the dealers. I have traded and given him Packers that he needs for his collection, and he keeps hoping to find more Browns for me. I know I've still got plenty more Packers for him.

I believe that I have a pennant just like this one in a box somewhere in my house.

People with sharp eyes may find cards heading their way from my purchases at the show in the next picture.

Where's Wallet Card?
I'll be keeping the Browns and Mets cards that I needed, and four non-sport sets in the picture. All of the Topps baseball look-a-likes are O Pee Chee cards.

The non-sport sets that I'm keeping are a 1993 Demolition Man set (loved Sandra Bullock in it!), and three sets from 1995, Coors Brewing, Santa From Around the World, and Hershey's Trading Cards. Each set cost me a whole dollar.

The big pile of Star Wars cards in the middle were rescued for a whole two dollars.

Not saying no to prices like that is what is building the clutter of cards that I have at home. I've really got to send more out, and have started doing so from Canada instead of waiting until I cross over to my PO Box again.

The last wallet card photo comes as a result of Monday's hockey game.

I didn't take the extra few seconds to put the stick in his hands for the photo.
Marc Methot bobble-head night! Who knew? Anyone collect these, or want it, or should I just give it to one of my friends' kids?

One last photo:


I've collected comic books most of my life. Right now I am in a real collecting lull, and am collecting very few titles. But one way to get me to buy a comic book is to tell me that Jimmy Palmiotti is involved with it.

I love Jimmy's writing, and Amanda Conner's artwork, almost as much as I love Jimmy and Amanda themselves! They are great people that I am always happy to run across at a convention.

My wallet card is checking out the how their latest Kickstarter is doing, and seeing that they are closing in on their target. If you have any interest in comics, please check out the Kickstarter and see if this story interests you and fund it if it does.



  1. I usually add anything with Palmiotti and/or Conner on the creative team to my pull list.

  2. I have a sizable pile of non sport just cuz they were cheap as well... would you have any interest in Shadow Hawk cards? I believe I have the whole set minus 1.