Thursday 10 December 2015


Yesterday I was adding a whole bunch of Black Friday scans of Browns cards to The Trading Card Database, and adding serial numbers and team names to those cards when necessary. At one point, to find a card, I went to view by team and saw this:

Okay, a little fuzzy, but I was surprised to see the nice round number of 7000.

Now, I have more than 7000 different cards in my Browns collection. This only shows cards that are identified as Cleveland Browns. It doesn't count many 1996 cards that are listed as Baltimore Ravens even though they are clearly Browns cards with the players in Browns uniforms. And it doesn't count the various draft picks cards that are listed with their college teams, in their college uniforms. But it is a nice round number.

Offhand, I'm not sure what the last card was that I entered into the database, although I could look it up, but I do know that as I added one card, I added the team name as well which probably turned it into card 7000, and that was this card:

So, due to laziness and no real record keeping, I am declaring this as card number 7000 of my Browns collection.

According to the database, I have 100 different Antonio Langham cards in my collection, although some are college and Ravens cards. This is the third one that is autographed.


  1. Congrats on the Brownie milestone!

  2. It's interesting I have a good friend that's a Browns fan and I was thinking how odd it was I haven't seen a Browns themed blog ever, until I found your blog, finally. I know you've been blogging here for a few months, but a belated welcome to the blogosphere. And it's nice to see another avid and rabid TCDB user. Conrgrats on the milestone. And I have one more suggestion consider having your blog added to the Sport Card Blogroll,
    just ask JayBee to add you.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I've been meaning to send an email and haven't yet.

      And I feel for your friend. It isn't easy!